2017-2018 season

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm. It has been several years since the old slightly larger size of 20 x 16inches has been outlawed but some prints are still being submitted at that size. These are liable to be disqualified. They certainly cannot be used for external competitions.

Images shown along with these results were photographs of the prints and so may not do them full justice. They are simply reminders of the winners.

 Cumulative scores from seasonal print competitions (so far)

We now show the scores for each round making up the totals.

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Wendy Pratt181st
Sarah Timney32nd
 Preliminary section, colour
Sarah Timney131st
Wendy Pratt82nd

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 Advanced section, monochrome
Terry Scott12 + 10 = 221st
John McGuinness7 + 13 = 202nd
Arthur Smith8 + 7 = 153rd
Robin Sinton6 + 5 = 11
Howard Wilson2 + 2 = 4
Stan Bewick2 + 2 = 4
Keith Hildreth0 + 3 = 3
Wendy Pratt0 + 3 = 3

Arthur and John swapped but Terry still leads.

 Advanced section, colour
Arthur Smith11 + 5 = 161st=
John McGuiness5 + 11 = 161st=
Keith Hildreth5 + 10 = 153rd=
Robin Sinton12 + 3 = 153rd=
Terry Scott3 + 7 = 10
Howard Wilson2 + 2 = 4
Stan Bewick2 + 2 = 4
Wendy Pratt0 + 3 = 3

A close run thing. All to play for in round 3!

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 2nd seasonal print competition

11th January 2018
Judge: Jim Welsh LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB of Blyth Photographic Society

 Advanced section, monochrome
Boulders at DunstanburghJohn McGuinness1st8
Rocks at SeaStan Bewick1
Land of GiantsWendy Pratt1
Stormy Weather at SaltburnJohn McGuinness3rd4
Mallard in FlightKeith Hildreth1
Mellon Udrigle beachRobin Sinton1
Elgol and the Cuillins - SkyeRobin SintonHC3
Spring LambsKeith Hildreth1
Wind & Rain - ButtermereArthur Smith1
Derelict BoatHoward Wilson1
Boulder at CullercoatsTerry Scott2nd6
Dereliction and a Lone WalkerTerry Scott1
HonestyArthur SmithHC3
Water Under the BridgeWendy Pratt1
Setting OutStan Bewick1
Standing GuardWendy Pratt1
Offshore Jacket Construction No. 2Terry ScottHC3
Jetty Remains - LindisfarneRobin Sinton1
Young DeerJohn McGuinness1
Lindisfarne CrossingArthur SmithHC3
New Tyne Echoes of the PastHoward Wilson1
Baby ElephantKeith Hildreth1
 Advanced section, colour
Pitman - PainterArthur SmithHC3
Last Building at the PitJohn McGuinness1
Alsace Town SceneHoward Wilson1
Viewing the Final ClimbJohn McGuinness3rd4
River BluesWendy Pratt1
River ReflectionsWendy Pratt1
Clevedon PierHoward Wilson1
Ever Watchful KingfisherKeith Hildreth1st8
Tectonic PlatesStan Bewick1
Trees on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness2nd6
Blue Lobster BoatTerry ScottHC3
Northumberland CoastRobin Sinton1
Emerging SmileWendy Pratt1
An Affable CrowTerry ScottHC3
Smoking CottageStan Bewick1
Old WoodlandRobin Sinton1
Colt Crag LoughRobin Sinton1
In the FrameArthur Smith1
Ever Changing Structure and the StollTerry Scott1
Portrait of LionessKeith Hildreth1
Regent Cinema - RedcarArthur Smith1
Fox Cub in HabitatKeith Hildreth1

Boulders at Dunstanburgh
John McGuinness

Ever Watchful Kingfisher
Keith Hildreth

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 1st seasonal print competition

26th October 2017
Judge: David Illingworth of Morpeth Camera Club

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Flexible LightingSarah Timney1
Waiting in the StationWendy Pratt3rd4
Under the DomeSarah Timney1
Enjoying the ViewWendy Pratt2nd6
Love StorySarah Timney1
Lost My BallWendy Pratt1st8
 Preliminary section, colour
Dawn, Indian OceanSarah Timney1
History in the MakingWendy Pratt2nd6
Being PreparedWendy Pratt1
Bee the Centre of AttractionSarah Timney3rd4
In Case of RainSarah Timney1st8
Looking on the Bright SideWendy Pratt1

Lost My Ball
Wendy Pratt

In Case of Rain
Sarah Timney

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 Advanced section, monochrome
A View of Liverpool from the Radio TowerTerry Scott1
Elgol 1Robin Sinton1
Out of the Darkness and into the LightDavid Pratt1
L'Auvergne in WinterRobin Sinton3rd4
Steel WheelJohn McGuinnessHC3
Londrangur CliffsRobin Sinton1
Self PortraitArthur Smith1
Coal DoorHoward Wilson1
RocksStan Bewick1
Bottle Sculpture DetailHoward Wilson1
The Old Police StationTerry Scott1st8
Blyth BeachArthur Smith2nd6
Aphrodite EmergingArthur Smith1
Battling the ElementsDavid Pratt1
Lone TreeJohn McGuinnessHC3
Arctic Terns in FlightJohn McGuinness1
Seaham PierTerry ScottHC3
InfinityDavid PrattHC3
Flateyri ChurchStan Bewick1
 Advanced section, colour
Absolutely FabulousArthur Smith3rd4
Going for a PaddleHoward Wilson1
Radcliffe TerraceArthur Smith1
Talisker BayJohn McGuinness1
Pride LeaderKeith Hildreth1
Belsay GardensHoward Wilson1
Offshore Jacket Construction at WallsendTerry Scott1
Last Bus to BuxtonJohn McGuinnessHC3
The BuachailleDavid Pratt1
Flateyri FjordStan Bewick1
Stowell StreetTerry Scott1
Gently Does ItDavid Pratt1
Puffin with Sand EelsJohn McGuinness1
No Escape (Cheetahs & Wildebeest)Keith Hildreth1
GulfossStan Bewick1
Low ForceRobin SintonHC3
Crow at BolamTerry Scott1
Snowbound FenceRobin Sinton1st8
The Edge of ElgolDavid Pratt1
Corby's CragsRobin Sinton1
Portrait of Female ImpalaKeith HildrethHC3
Blue Dawn, Derwent WaterArthur Smith2nd6

The Old Police Station
Terry Scott

Snowbound Fence
Robin Sinton

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 Print results from previous seasons

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