On this page we list both club events coming up and other events nearby that may be worth photographing. Please tell Graham (web master) about any other events you know in the near future.

Keep watching this page for further events, especially outings which are not listed in the SYLLABUS [PDF] .

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 March 21st, Wednesday, 5pm: Art Group

 March 22nd, Thursday: Photo Group

Closing date for exhibition prints entry

 March 22nd, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

"hAVe Camera Will TrAVel", by Ron Henry of Gosforth Camera Club and The NAVGroup

 March 26th, Monday, 7:30pm: Video Film-Making Group

Showreel from Orpington Video Film-makers

 March 27th, Tuesday: Photo Group

North Tyne Area projected image competition (at North Shields)

NB: Date is not as shown in the syllabus

 March 27th, Tuesday, 7:30pm: Digital & Practical Group


 March 28th, Wednesday, 5pm: Art Group

 March 29th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

Our own Thomas Heaton (postponed from March 1st)


 April 3rd, Tuesday, 7:30pm: Nature Group

Members' night

 April 5th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

"The Rocky Shore" by Joyce Scott of Stockton

 April 9th, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

Bring images or AV on the theme of "the letter O"

 April 9th, Monday, 7:30pm: Video Group

More South Korea, & Newcastle archives. Steven Green

 April 12th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

As Long As It's Black and White. Edward Forster and Mick Howe of Whickham PC

 April 16th, Monday, 7:30pm: Video Group

Our Annual - Best of Best. Judge: TBA

 April 19th, Thursday, 7:30pm: All Groups

Auction to raise funds for the club

 April 21st, Saturday, 8pm: Whitley Bay Light Parade

Briardene to Tynemouth

 April 21st & 22nd, Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 5pm: St George's Pageant

At Warkworth Castle, English Heritage. Booking not necessary

 April 23rd, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

Bring images or AV on the theme of "landscapes"

 April 23rd, Monday, 7:30pm: Video Group

Group AGM. Please attend

 April 24th, Tuesday, 7:30pm: Digital & Practical Group

 April 26th, Thursday, 7:30pm: All Groups

Club AGM

 April 30th, Monday, 7:30pm: Video Group

Trophy presentation night

 May 3rd, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

Members' night: "my 10 favourite photos"

 May 7th, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

Bank Holiday, so meeting is POSTPONED to May 14th

 May 10th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

Presentation of Trophies and Exhibition Preview

 May 12th & 13th, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Our annual exhibition, open to the public

 May 12th & 13th, Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 5pm

Prudhoe Castle under siege, English Heritage. Booking not necessary

 May 14th, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

Bring images or AV on the theme of "entrances"

 May 17th, Thursday, 7:30pm: All Groups

End of season social. Venue TBA

 May 19th - 20th, Staurday & Sunday: Beamish Photography Weekend

 May 21st, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

Bring images or AV on the theme of "anything from 2017-18"

 May 26th, Saturday, 10am - 6pm: Whitley Bay Carnival

 June 7th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Photo Group

Showing NCPF Awards and Alliance Portfolio images

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