Wendy Pratt

I had used cameras before for holiday snaps, family photos, as part of college courses, and more latterly as a preparation for art projects. However, until recently I had never considered photography as an art in itself, and to capture the essence of what I am seeing and feeling about a place or object is a lot more than just clicking a button on a camera. There is always something new every time I venture outdoors, and my aim is to keep learning how to best capture what I am enjoying with my photographs so that I can share these experiences with others. My choice of subject varies, but often has the ever changing sea and sky, or maybe a river or a waterfall, and it can include a castle, rocks, woods or birds. Usually when I'm out with my camera time flies and before I know it I'm heading home really tired but very happy, and then on another day will come the fun of examining what I have collected and starting to process them.