The Video Film-making Group meets in the club rooms on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm. More details can be found in the current SYLLABUS [PDF] .

The group has its own web site at

Successes at BIAFF

The 2018 British International Amateur Film Festival saw successes for two members of this group. David Peffer & Trevor Ermel jointly got a 4-star award for their 1-minute comedy "The Critic". Trevor also got a 3-star award for his 9-minute documentary "Bell Ringers of North Shields"

2017 NECA winners!

TYNEMOUTH VIDEO FILM-MAKING GROUP were the proud winners of a 20 minute programme competition with films produced by their members. The certificate was presented to the Group's chairman Doug Tweddle by Brian Dunkley, President of The North East Cine (&Video) Association which holds this competition annually.

Each club provides a minimum of 2 films in their programme to give a maximum running time of 20 minutes. They are carefully considered for quality, content, and overall entertainment value. The films have no subject restriction and were judged by well-known I.A.C., B.I.A.F.F., and U.N.I.C.A. judges Annabelle & Reg. Lancaster in London.

Our entry consisted of 4 films, Trevor Ermel's "Croation Contrasts", "Alfie & The Kaiser" by Doug Tweddle, and secretary John Burton's "Weally?" Film number 4, "Lost In Translation", was a group comedy written by David Peffer, filmed by Trevor, with David & John as the cast.