Fiddler's Green, 24/9/2017

Posted 25/9/17

Howard writes:
Dorothy and I attended the unveiling of the Fiddler's Green fisherman statue at the Fish Quay today. This is based on a photograph taken in 1959, by an ex member - and President - of TPS, Harry Hann. Harry was in attendance and I just took this one picture of him with the statue in the background.

 10-minute summers, 21/9/2017

Posted 22/9/17

The main Photo Group's new season has started. It was good to see several new people who we hope will be sufficiently interested in our activities to become regular members.

Our first meeting gave members a chance to describe their summer, in 10 minutes or less.

Graham Relf was scheduled first with two AVs (audio-visual sequences). The first was a narrated documentary about a week spent in West Cumbria. The second was a musical sequence using flower photos from his garden (a copy of this may be seen here).

Arthur Smith then gave an amusing talk about his pinhole photography and continued use of a Kodak Brownie. He still processes his own black and white film. He showed some very atmospheric pinhole photography, mainly taken at Beamish. A highlight was a very Dali-esque colour photo of Betty (his mannequin) on a beach.

Diana Hilton was next. She started with a bold monochrome photo of a Virgin train crossing the castle bridge in front of All Saints Church in Newcastle. Losing the bright red of the train made a good composition. She then took us to various locations in Scotland and showed some wild life: birds and a rat!

Stan Bewick had prepared another narrated AV documenting his visit to the Hermitage in St Petersburg. It brought out the lavish decoration of the building, with sumptuous reds and gold.

John McGuinness took us first to the Farnes and to Bempton cliffs in Yorkshire, showing wonderful photos of birds in various kinds of activity. A most unusual sight which he said had taken an hour to get, was of a dragonfly in flight! After some photos of his son's recent wedding John then showed some very impressive (scary!) pictures from a climbing trip to the Dolomites.

Keith McWhirter ended the show in style with photos from a trip to Oban and a boat trip from there to the islands of Staffa, Iona and Mull.

After all of this Rachael Sewell gave a brief description of a new public Facebook page that has been created for the club. A link to this can be found on our links page. There was some discussion of members' concerns about getting involved with Facebook.

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 TPS Outing To Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside, 20/7/2017

Posted 25/7/17

Wendy Pratt writes: We can't get there until 7pm but we hurry down to find Diana who knows we are coming, and soon we meet up on the Newcastle side. We walk under the Tyne Bridge and David stops to take a group photo in the sunshine. We carry on along the bank until round a bend we realise we can see Dunstan Staithes across the river. This is a good opportunity for admiring the view and using our cameras. We are having so much fun that we don't notice the time until David points it out and we turn back to be at the Millennium Bridge in time for sunset, but we get delayed again when a Heron flies in and starts fishing. That makes us notice we are starting to feel hungry, but we have no time for fishing ourselves as the Bridges call. We set up our tripods by the Baltic, then on the Millenium Bridge, and finally on the Newcastle bank, taking shots, talking and laughing as we work. Finally we call it a day and head back to David's car, with me tiring and lagging behind - in fact David turns back laughing and asks me if I will be requiring a fireman's lift! We say goodnight to Diana at her Metro stop, and David opens my front door and leaves as he heads home. It's past 11pm, it's been a fantastic evening, but I'm straight off to bed in no time.

Quayside outing by David Pratt

Quayside fisherman by David Pratt

Dunstan Staithes by David Pratt

The lights come on by Wendy Pratt

Light and Lines by Wendy Pratt

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 Nature Group outings

Posted 20/7/17

The group has had successful outings this summer to Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre, the Farne Islands and Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire. Some results can be seen on the Nature Group's page.

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 Our exhibition at the Oxford Centre, Longbenton

Posted 25/5/17

A selection of prints from our annual exhibition is here until June 4th
Photos by Arthur Smith

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 Trophy presentations 11th May 2017

Posted 11/5/17

Margaret Warren being presented with the Fox Talbot "150" Trophy,
as Photographer of the Year

The best print in the exhibition. Left to right:
Alan McCormick ARPS, NCPF President
Arthur Smith with his winning print and trophy
Councillor Tommy Mulvenna, North Tyneside Council
Howard Wilson APAGB, TPS President

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 Our AGM on 27th April 2017

Posted 28/4/17

There was an unusually large turn-out for the meeting which we would like to think was due to this web site urging members to attend.

Some outcomes to note:

* In more detail, the annual subscription is now

Here "concessions" are available to members receiving the state pension and "joint" means two members living at the same postal address.

NB: Subscriptions for the coming year are now due.

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 Video Film-Making Group Presentation Night on 24th April

Posted 27/4/17

Eight members were in attendance for a social evening with fish & chips and for the presentation of awards to the winners of this season's competitions.

Pictured (left to right) are Competition Secretary Trevor Ermel, winner of the Christy Cup (Holiday Competition), the Bucas Cup (One Minute Competition), the George Draper Shield (Annual Competition) and the Dawson Rose Bowl (highest aggregate of marks for placings in all competitions); retiring Chairman Doug Tweddle; and Secretary John Burton, winner of the Richardson Cup (Open Competition), the Kip Halsey Memorial Trophy (best nature content in any competition) and the Nichol Cup (highest number of new films entered this season).

Photograph by Steven Wears

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 We won another N Tyne competition!

Posted 31/3/17

Last night we won the North Tyne Area projected images competition and came away with another trophy.

We beat Whitley Bay by 1 point, 211 to 210. Our top picture was John McGuiness' "Tyne Swing Bridge" with 28. Whitley Bay's Andrew Nicoll won the best picture with 30 for "Tynemouth Spray"., a huge wave over the pier.

Details of our results can be seen here.

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 Tynemouth winners again! (NECA)

Posted 7/3/17

Our Video Film-making Group has won the NECA competition. More details and photo on their group page.

 We won the N Tyne print competition!

Posted 30/11/16

Last night we won the North Tyne Area print competition and came away with this trophy.

Details of the results can be seen here.

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Posted 21/10/16

Keith McWhirter has submitted some amusing photos on a topical theme. Where were they taken?

Ready for the rush

Shopping rules

Picking a nice one

Parade Shun!

Roll em out

Thanks Keith!

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 First meeting of our Afternoon Group

Posted 26/9/16

Report by Graham

The new fortnightly Afternoon Group started well today, with 6 non-members and 8 members attending.

Introductions confirmed our thoughts that some people are put off coming to evening meetings during the winter by the prospect of travelling in the dark.

We did an informal re-run of last week's "Judge for Yourself". After running through the photos a couple of times we discussed each one and got an interesting range of views on them. We plan to do more of this kind of thing by giving a theme at each meeting, for people to go away and photograph. We can then show the results and discuss them, non-competitively.

The next meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 10th October. The photo theme for then is "RED" and we hope for a variety of interpretations of that.

Existing members of the Society are welcome to attend. Please try to encourage others to come too.

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 Members' summers in 10 minutes or less

Posted 16/9/16

Report by Graham

Those who attended last night's meeting were entertained by 6 very diverse presentations, kept strictly on time by Keith Hildreth.

John McGuinness went first with an AV (Audio-Visual program) accompanied by soothing music. He started on the Amalfi coast with some spectacular photos and ended, equally dramatically, mountaineering in Austria. Among various other sights along the way we saw a cuddly dog playing with a ball and some marvellous bird images.

Dan Turner continued the bird theme (of course), with his passionate interest in the fate of wild birds in our region. Young kittiwakes were superbly photographed and his enthusiasm was infectious as always. I also learnt a bit about buildings on the Fish Quay.

Arthur Smith began with images of dinosaur statues, pointing out that he had much in common with them owing to his continuing use of film. He showed some excellent photos taken with pinhole cameras (on film, then scanned). Many of them were taken at Beamish and processed to look old (sepia and other techniques).

Keith McWhirter entertained us with a very colourful slide show of a Spanish street festival (Fuerteventura, I think he said). This was accompanied by very appropriate Spanish music while the slideshow ran automatically. Particularly memorable were the large inflated black bulls with sneakers rather than hooves.

Graham Relf's offering was much less exotic, an AV with music which only travelled around Northumberland and Cumbria. It included some of the Club's summer outings but got a bit carried away with creative ideas prompted by photos taken at Seaton Delaval Hall.

John Burton concluded with an inspired video, "Where's Arnold?". This purported to be a documentary about the sights of Morpeth but it was cleverly diverted by the absence of a fictitious collaborator named Arnold. In various ways the narrator (John) seemd to ask passers-by whether they had seen Arnold. The result was very amusing.

All told, it was a very varied and interesting evening. It was also pleasing to welcome two newcomers and a former member back.

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