2015-2016 season - Projected images

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 President's Trophy

24th March 2016
Judge: Malcolm Kus DPAGB, ARPS, EFIAP of Alnwick & District Camera Club

Adverse sculptureDorothy Wilson
After lunchGraham Relf
Camberline expressHarry Nagel3rd
Oomphydiddle umHoward WilsonHC
Edge from SkiddowJohn McGuinness
It's fun at the fairMargaret Warren
Total camberPaul Myers2nd
Round in circlesDorothy Wilson
LiterallyGraham Relf1st
Camberfield farmHarry Nagel
You can't lick itHoward Wilson
Striding EdgeJohn McGuinness
Traversing the overhangMargaret Warren
Downhill tramPaul Myers
Grainger Market NewcastleArthur Smith
Hartside summitArthur SmithHC

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 Annual projected image competition

3rd December 2015
Judge: Stephen Fowler of Ryton & District Camera Club

Title of setTitle of imagePhotographerPosition
Three trick Stan Bewick
Mountains 1
Mountains 2
Mountains 3
Geisha Girls Sarah Timney
Geisha 1
Geisha 2
Geisha 3
Monk Wood Robin Sinton
Monk Wood 1
Monk Wood 2 2nd image
Monk Wood 3
Seabirds of the British Isles Paul Myers1st set
Puffin in flight
Gannets 1st image
Artic tern in flight
Alwinton border shepherds show Margaret Warren
Alwinton border shepherds show 1
Alwinton border shepherds show 2
Alwinton border shepherds show 3
Fox cubs Keith Hildreth3rd set
Fox cubs watching
Fox cub portrait
Fox cubs at play
Action men John McGuinness2nd set
The hunter
The alpine climber
The potholer
Brussels at night Howard Wilson
Illuminated Brussels
Illuminated tower
Terracotta Harry Nagel
Terracotta archer
York fisheye Graham Relf
The crossing
Chapter house
Crane structures, Cologne Dorothy Wilson
Office at dusk
Rocks Thomas Heaton
Rocks 1
Rocks 2
Lone pine 3rd image

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal competitions

 Club section
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Graham Relf331st
Margaret Warren262nd
Harry Nagel213rd
Keith McWhirter6
Sarah Timney6
 Advanced section
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Arthur Smith251st
John McGuinness232nd
Thomas Heaton193rd
Paul Myers18
Robin Sinton16
Howard Wilson11
Dorothy Wilson9
Keith Hildreth8
Stan Bewick6
Chris Parker3

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 3rd seasonal projected image competition

24th March 2016
Judge: Malcolm Kus DPAGB, ARPS, EFIAP of Alnwick & District Camera Club

 Club section
Colour symphonyGraham Relf 1
Seating arrangementsHarry Nagel3rd4
Come run with meMargaret Warren 1
JapanSarah Timney 1
Hydrogen in CygnusGraham Relf2nd6
Running in the snowHarry NagelHC3
Taking in the viewMargaret WarrenHC3
Fushimilnan TorriSarah Timney 1
Tynemouth station bridgeGraham Relf 1
SunburstHarry Nagel 1
The Hooker valley & Mt CookMargaret Warren1st8
BooksSarah Timney 1
 Advanced section
Apollo PavilionArthur SmithHC3
Belgian arcadeDorothy Wilson 1
SquirrelJohn McGuinnessHC3
Highland deerPaul MyersHC3
Fete LavandeRobin Sinton 1
The end of the fjordStan Bewick 1
Buachaille Etive MorThomas Heaton 1
Edinburgh WaverleyHoward Wilson 1
BackwashArthur Smith1st8
ImprisonedDorothy Wilson 1
Ashness BridgeJohn McGuinness 1
House on the glenPaul Myers2nd6
Sutton BankRobin Sinton 1
Waterfall at HelplesslyStan Bewick 1
GrotfjordThomas Heaton3rd4
Wallington winterHoward Wilson 1
Staplehill farmArthur Smith 1
Liverpool docksDorothy Wilson 1
Sunset on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinnessHC3
Tawny owl with preyPaul Myers 1
Volcanic beachRobin Sinton 1
Musk oxThomas HeatonHC3
Wallington winterHoward Wilson 1

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 2nd seasonal projected image competition

11th February 2016
Judge: Bill Broadley of Blyth Photographic Society

 Club section
KaleidoscopeHarry Nagel3rd4
Dragon's denKeith McWhirter 1
Mountain tarnMargaret Warren2nd6
Cutty SarkGraham Relf1st8
Tobermory HarbourHarry NagelHC3
Sand shoesKeith McWhirter 1
Sand Fly Point, Milford SoundMargaret Warren 1
Road testGraham Relf 1
End of the lineHarry Nagel 1
VisitorKeith McWhirter 1
World Cup evangelistMargaret Warren 1
Thankyou with wineGraham Relf 1
 Advanced section
Cable holderStan Bewick 1
HellissandurRobin Sinton 1
Buzzard with preyPaul MyersHC3
Fox cubs playingKeith Hildreth 1
Passing storm, Neiste PointJohn McGuinness 1
Early riserHoward Wilson 1
Ass atomiumDorothy Wilson 1
Charlie's gardenArthur Smith 1
Tropical sunshineStan Bewick 1
New ForestRobin Sinton 1
Rough seasPaul Myers 1
Red squirrelKeith Hildreth 1
Little Egret in flightJohn McGuinness3rd4
Junk mailHoward WilsonHC3
LighthouseDorothy Wilson 1
In the atticArthur Smith 1
PffiferdajRobin Sinton2nd6
Transparrent waterPaul Myers 1
Tawny owlsKeith Hildreth 1
First lightJohn McGuinness 1
Woodland walkHoward Wilson 1
PuddleDorothy Wilson 1
In the frameArthur Smith1st8

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 1st seasonal projected image competition

29th October 2015
Judge: Will Ireland of Washington Camera Club

 Club section
DestructionGraham Relf1st8
On guardHarry Nagel 1
All that jazzKeith Mcwhirter 1
BubblesMargaret Warren 1
Along to TynemouthSarah Timney 1
Rock facesGraham Relf 1
The centurion inspectsHarry NagelHC3
Festivals R backKeith McWhirter 1
Cheviot viewMargaret Warren3rd4
Fish eyeSarah Timney 1
Awaiting ordersHarry Nagel 1
Tynemouth stationGraham Relf2nd6
PorkiesKeith McWhirter 1
The lookoutMargaret Warren 1
Incense burnerSarah Timney 1
 Advanced section
Charlie's gardenArthur Smith 1
A word in your shell like earChris Parker 1
Evening lightDorothy Wilson 1
Hard to believeHoward Wilson 1
LunchJohn McGuinness 1
Fox cubs playingKeith HildrethHC3
TyphoonPaul Myers 1
AssyntRobin Sinton 1
Briksdal glacierStan Bewick 1
Night lightThomas Heaton 1
Crossing placesArthur Smith 1
Raspberry PavlovaChris Parker 1
Spaced outDorothy Wilson 1
Illuminated BrusselsHoward Wilson 1
Stalker CastleJohn McGuinness1st8
Puffin in flightKeith Hildreth 1
Wheels of timePaul Myers 1
Bamburgh CastleRobin SintonHC3
The smallness of manStan Bewick 1
StormThomas Heaton2nd6
Groyne remainArthur Smith 1
WatercoloursChris Parker 1
Wrington WoodDorothy Wilson 1
Noisey BridgeHoward Wilson 1
The mob's in townJohn McGuinness 1
Red squirrelKeith Hildreth 1
Puffin with sand eelsPaul Myers 1
The woodRobin Sinton 1
Sunrise on the Roman WallThomas Heaton3rd4

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