2016-2017 season - Projected images

PDI = Projected Digital Image, which must be a JPEG file of no more than 800kbytes and at most 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

The images shown along with these results are small versions of the originals and may not do them full justice. They are intended simply as reminders of the winning photos.

 President's Trophy

16th March 2017
Judge: David Stout EFIAP, DPAGB, PPSA of Whickham Photographic Club

Chillingham laceWendy Pratt
Tree bark 1Viv Samuelson
French village doorRobin SintonHC
C7Rachael Sewell
Lava flowPaul Myers
Smooth ribbed and dappledMargaret Warren3
Squirrel on a logJohn McGuinnessHC
Log cutHoward Wilson
Lichen txtureHarry Nagel
CushionGraham Relf
Grasses at WarkworthDorothy Wilson
Mud glorious mudDavid Pratt
AbstractionArthur Smith
Tied up in knotsWendy PrattHC
Tree bark 2Viv Samuelson
Landscape withinRobin Sinton2
Portuguese doorwayRachael Sewell
The skinPaul Myers
Textures in the ArcticMargaret Warren
Upside down boatsJohn McGuinnessHC
Teaching adHoward Wilson
Textured leafHarry Nagel
StitchesGraham Relf
Beach partyDorothy Wilson
Titanic scalesDavid Pratt1
Easing the pressureArthur SmithHC

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal projected competitions

 Club section
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Margaret Warren401st
Viv Samuelson282nd
Sarah Timney123rd
Rachael Sewell9
Wendy Pratt5
Harry Nagel3
 Advanced section
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Keith Hildreth291st
David Pratt242nd
John McGuinness203rd
Howard Wilson16
Graham Relf14
Arthur Smith13
Paul Myers11
Robin Sinton10
Stan Bewick9
Dorothy Wilson9
Thomas Heaton8
Harry Nagel5

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 3rd seasonal projected image competition

16th March 2017
Judge: David Stout EFIAP, DPAGB, PPSA of Whickham Photographic Club

 Club section
Back lane MondayMargaret Warren 26
Coat hanger dragon Rachael Sewell 1
Central StationSarah Timney 1
Potters wheelViv Samuelson 1
Leaving the BluefinWendy Pratt 1
Mist over Milford Margaret WarrenHC3
H & W BelfastRachael SewellHC3
Highland cowsSarah Timney 1
Surfer at TynemouthViv Samuelson18
Over rocks and leavesWendy PrattHC3
The house on the shoreMargaret Warren 1
RannochSarah Timney 1
The Barlow train shedViv Samuelson34
Path through GosforthWendy Pratt 1

1st: Surfer at Tynemouth
Viv Samuelson

2nd: Back lane Monday
Margaret Warren

3rd: The Barlow train shed
Viv Samuelson

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 Advanced section
Brass tapsStan Bewick 1
Doors and windowsRobin Sinton34
Autumn coloursPaul Myers 1
CheetahKeith HildrethHC3
A tree on SkyeJohn McGuinness 1
Car detailHoward Wilson 1
Autumn treesHarry Nagel 1
FrostGraham Relf1
Amble PierDorothy Wilson 1
Cloud flowDavid PrattHC3
Bow LeesArthur Smith 1
Committee manStan Bewick 1
Cal + GinnyPaul Myers 1
Harvest miceKeith Hildreth26
Female Reed BuntingJohn McGuinness 1
Panel fixing and bugsHoward Wilson 1
Evening light at CullercoatsHarry Nagel 1
Let sleeping frogs lieGraham Relf 1
BlythDorothy Wilson 1
Death Rock PoolDavid Pratt18
The art of ChinaArthur Smith 1
SeatStan Bewick 1
Wintry lakePaul Myers 1
Lioness and cubsKeith HildrethHC3
If you've got an itchJohn McGuinness 1
Ship side detailHoward WilsonHC3
MillenniumGraham RelfHC3
Old windowDorothy Wilson 1
Lower fallsDavid Pratt 1
Winter dawn ButtermereArthur Smith 1

1st: Death Rock Pool
David Pratt

2nd: Harvest mice
Keith Hildreth

3rd: Doors and windows
Robin Sinton

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 2nd seasonal projected image competition

2nd February 2017
Judge: Graeme Clarke LRPS of Gallery Photography Group

 Club section
Walkway silhouettesHarry Nagel1
St Mary's IslandMargaret Warren1
PassageRachael Sewell1
Rusty railingsSarah Timney1
Pair of bloomersViv SamuelsonHC3
Simonside sunsetHarry Nagel1
BeachedMargaret Warren18
CanopyRachael Sewell1
Loose ThreadsSarah Timney1
Bridge at DuskViv Samuelson26
The Killingworth RocketHarry Nagel1
Blue iceMargaret Warren34
Saltburn funicularSarah Timney1
It's a puzzleViv Samuelson1

1st: Beached
Margaret Warren

2nd: Bridge at Dusk
Viv Samuelson

3rd: Blue ice
Margaret Warren

HC: Pair of bloomers
Viv Samuelson

 Advanced section
Hidden cornersThomas Heaton1
Old heating systemStan Bewick1
AbstractRobin Sinton1
Long stayPaul Myers1
African male leopardKeith Hildreth1
Surfer's paradiseJohn McGuinness1
Brass in churchHoward Wilson1
AmaryllisGraham Relf1
Arcade CardiffDorothy Wilson1
Born FreeDavid Pratt1
Regent Cinema RedcarArthur Smith1
Falling starsThomas Heaton1
Chapel, Catherine's PalaceStan Bewick1
I can see youRobin Sinton1
NostalgiaPaul Myers1
Bengal Tiger with killKeith Hildreth1
Bamburgh CastleJohn McGuinness1
Flying Scotsman driverHoward Wilson1
Car parkGraham Relf1
Painting by lightDorothy Wilson1
Into the blueDavid PrattHC3
Storm lightArthur Smith1
Fisherman's hutThomas Heaton26
Mr PresidentStan Bewick1
Newton WoodRobin Sinton1
The boat housePaul MyersHC3
The fox cubKeith HildrethHC3
Corus steel furnaceJohn McGuinness1
Tied upHoward Wilson34
LandedGraham Relf1
The faceDorothy Wilson1
Vision in violetDavid Pratt18
Walking the dogArthur Smith1

1st: Vision in violet
David Pratt

2nd: Fisherman's hut
Thomas Heaton

3rd: Tied up
Howard Wilson

HC: Into the blue
David Pratt

HC: The boat house
Paul Myers

HC: The fox cub
Keith Hildreth

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 Annual projected image competition

17th November 2016
Judge: Dave Phillips of Hartlepool Photographic and Digital Group

Title of setTitle of imagePhotographerPosition
Lutheran Churches Stan Bewick
Lutheran Church Copenhagen
Lutheran Church Tallinn
Lutheran Church Stockholm
Gunsgreen House Sarah Timney
Gunsgreen House
Gunsgreen Tower
Harbour reflections
Autumn Robin Sinton
Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Autumn 3
Pegs Rachael Sewell
Pegs 1
Pegs 2
Pegs 3
Ice Margaret Warren3rd set
Ice 1
Ice 2 HC image
Ice 3
Cats Paul MyersHC set
Cats 1 (mono leopard) 3rd image
Cats 2
Cats 3
Paddy's through a pinhole Arthur Smith
Paddy's through a pinhole 1
Paddy's through a pinhole 2
Paddy's through a pinhole 3
Castles John McGuinness1st set
Dunstanburgh Castle sunset 2nd image
Stalker Castle sunset
Bamburgh Castle sunrise
National Memorial Staffordshire Howard Wilson
Women's Memorial
Christmas truce 1914
We will remember them
Boats Harry NagelHC set
Boats for hire
Boats in Copenhagen
Boats in mooring
Astroscapes Graham Relf2nd set
Milky Way from Berlin
Milky Way from Rievaulx 1st image
Farm under the Plough
Clevedon Pier Dorothy Wilson
Clevedon Pier spring
Clevedon Pier summer
Clevedon Pier winter
Big cats Keith Hildreth
Lioness HC image

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1st image: Milky Way from Rievaulx
Graham Relf

2nd image: Dunstanburgh Castle
John McGuinness

3rd image: Cats 1
Paul Myers

HC image: Lioness
Keith Hildreth

HC image: Ice 2
Margaret Warren

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 1st seasonal projected image competition

3rd November 2016
Judge: Lionel Bryan of Morpeth Camera Club

 Club section
Ignoring the futureMargaret WarrenHC3
Japanese heronSarah Timney1
Steam powerViv Samuelson1
AnticipationRachael Sewell1
Modern ManMargaret Warren18
Gunsgreen HouseSarah Timney1
Time to reflectViv Samuelson1
Frocks and doorsRachael Sewell1
The English Church, CopenhagenMargaret Warren26
Saki sacks, TokyoSarah Timney34
Wrong SequenceViv SamuelsonHC3
Broken LouvreRachael Sewell1

1st: Modern Man
Margaret Warren

2nd: The English Church, Copenhagen
Margaret Warren

3rd: Saki sacks, Tokyo
Sarah Timney

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 Advanced section
ConcentrationDorothy Wilson1
Juvenile tigerJohn McGuinnessHC3
Daffodil and hyacinthGraham Relf34
Changing the guardHarry Nagel1
Flower girlArthur Smith1
Anchor 2Howard Wilson1
Lioness & cubsKeith HildrethHC3
Something old and something newPaul Myers1
Beach hutRobin Sinton1
Ceiling detail, HermitageStan Bewick1
Scottish National MuseumDorothy Wilson1
Sunset on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness18
Under a cloudArthur SmithHC3
Looking in and looking outGraham Relf1
Copenhagen Opera HouseHarry Nagel1
Christchurch OxfordHoward Wilson1
Male leopardKeith HildrethHC3
Being stalkedPaul Myers1
Let's all singRobin Sinton1
Food sellerStan Bewick1
Upper galleriesDorothy Wilson1
The fox and the lambJohn McGuinnessHC3
Winter dawn, DerwentwaterArthur SmithHC3
Stone agesGraham Relf1
Nyhaven, CopenhagenHarry Nagel1
Emmetts Garden, KentHoward WilsonHC3
Male otterKeith Hildreth26
Sunset on HaleakelaPaul Myers1
Roman WallRobin Sinton1
ShellsStan Bewick1

1st: Sunset on Rannoch Moor
John McGuinness

2nd: Male otter
Keith Hildreth

3rd: Daffodil & hyacinth
Graham Relf

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 Judge for yourself

22nd September 2016

1Bishop Auckland ParkArthur Smith48
2PuddleDorothy Wilson45
3Car parkGraham Relf50
4AnchorHoward WIlson55
5Beadnell beach sunsetJohn McGuinness721st
6Barn owlLarry Bedigan68
7Ignoring the futureMargaret Warren59
8Busy shoppingRachael Sewell42
9BicycleStan Bewick54
10At the crossroadsThomas Heaton66
11Under a cloudArthur Smith67
12Rowing boatsDorothy Wilson50
13Daffodil and hyacinthGraham Relf58
14Christ Church OxfordHoward Wilson63
15Puffin with sand eelsJohn McGuinness702nd=
16KestrelLarry Bedigan694th
17Modern manMargaret Warren55
18EntrapmentRachael Sewell49
19Market traderStan Bewick55
20Mist on the hillsThomas Heaton60
21Winter dawn, DerwentwaterArthur Smith702nd=
22Window viewDorothy Wilson53
23The webGraham Relf55
24GalloperHoward Wilson54
25Tyne swing bridgeJohn McGuinness65
26Little owlLarry Bedigan65
27The English ChurchMargaret Warren64
28The railRachael Sewell48
29Quack quackStan Bewick44
30Reaching the peakThomas Heaton64

1st: Beadnell beach sunset
John McGuinness

2nd=: Puffin with sand eels
John McGuinness

2nd=: Winter dawn, Derwentwater
Arthur Smith

4th: Kestrel
Larry Bedigan

[Web master's comment: I was particularly struck by the following entries.]

Busy shopping
Rachael Sewell

Mist on the hills
Thomas Heaton

The English Church (Copenhagen)
Margaret Warren

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