2017-2018 season

PDI = Projected Digital Image, which must be a JPEG file of no more than 800kbytes and at most 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

The images shown along with these results are small versions of the originals and may not do them full justice. They are intended simply as reminders of the winning photos.

 Trophy winners

Agar TrophyKeith HildrethSeasonal Advanced Projected Images
Brooks TrophyMargaret WarrenSeasonal Preliminary Projected Images
Brittain TrophyJohn McGuinnessAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best set of 3
Stephenson TrophyJohn McGuinnessAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best image (Loch Etive)
President's TrophyJohn McGuinnessPresident's Trophy (Shadows)
(Model with shadows)

 President's Trophy

15th March 2018

Judge: Peter Maguire LRPS of Gosforth Camera Club

Theme: Shadows

One more sailWendy Pratt
Castle HowardRobin Sinton
ChairMargaret WarrenHC
Camera ShadowKeith McWhirter
Out of the ShadowKeith Hildreth
Model with shadowsJohn McGuinness1st
Mad dogs and EnglishmenGraham RelfHC
Durham CloistersDorothy Wilson
A winter lunchtimeDiana Hilton
Buttermere evening shadowsBrian Hardy
Shadow LoveArthur Smith2nd
Touching LandWendy Pratt
Chair in sunlightRobin Sinton
WheelMargaret Warren
The BoxKeith McWhirter
Moon shadows hand held 300mmJohn McGuinness
NetsGraham RelfHC
Room ShadowsDorothy Wilson
Avocet at middayDiana Hilton
Sunset at Vila del MarBrian Hardy3rd
Shadow land post ArmageddonArthur Smith
Shadow of TimeHarry Nagel

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal PDI competitions (final)

We now show the scores for each round making up the totals.

 Preliminary section
Margaret Warren17 + 12 + 15 = 441st
Wendy Pratt5 + 6 + 8 = 192nd
Keith McWhirter3 + 8 + 5 = 163rd
Diana Hilton8 + 0 + 3 = 11
Richard Shelton0 + 3 + 0 = 3
 Advanced section
Keith Hildreth5 + 10 + 10 = 251st
Robin Sinton10 + 5 + 5 = 202nd
Howard Wilson5 + 10 + 3 = 183rd
Dorothy Wilson5 + 3 + 6 = 14
Arthur Smith3 + 7 + 3 = 13
John McGuinness3 + 3 + 7 = 13
Graham Relf3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Harry Nagel3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Brian Hardy0 + 0 + 8 = 8
Larry Bedigan8 + 0 + 0 = 8
Stan Bewick2 + 2 + 2 = 6
Thomas Heaton5 + 0 + 0 = 5

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 3rd seasonal projected image competition

15th March 2018
Judge: Peter Maguire LRPS of Gosforth Camera Club

 Preliminary section
Falling WaterWendy Pratt1
Bath TimeMargaret Warren1st8
AvailableKeith McWhirterHC3
Advantage PointDiana Hilton1
Hindhope LinnWendy PrattHC3
Bearded manMargaret Warren2nd6
MooredKeith McWhirter1
En PointeDiana Hilton1
Puffins GatheringWendy Pratt3rd4
Tynemouth LongsandsMargaret Warren1
SilenceKeith McWhirter1
Round the backDiana Hilton1

1st: Bath Time
Margaret Warren

2nd: Bearded man
Margaret Warren

1st: Puffins Gathering
Wendy Pratt

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 Advanced section
Clearing MistStan Bewick1
Just a quick oneRobin Sinton1
Red SquirrelKeith Hildreth1
Saltburn PierJohn McGuinnessHC3
French windowHoward Wilson1
All SoulsGraham Relf1
Armed forcesDorothy Wilson1
Katie feeding MayaBrian Hardy2nd6
Shillmoor Upper CoquetdaleHarry Nagel1
Autumn FallArthur Smith1
Icelandic FjordStan Bewick1
Let's play musicRobin Sinton1
Juvenile Hanuman monkeyKeith Hildreth1st8
The Milky Way at DerwentJohn McGuinnessHC3
That fed up lookHoward Wilson1
The Eagle has landedGraham Relf1
Lichfield CathedralDorothy Wilson3rd4
Sails in ManhattanBrian Hardy1
Still standingArthur Smith1
Sparrowhawk with killHarry Nagel1
Market placeRobin SintonHC3
Watching fox cubKeith Hildreth1
Watching overJohn McGuinness1
Vintage Vulcan Wagon mascotHoward Wilson1
The windowGraham Relf1
The Virgin and the ChildDorothy Wilson1
Waterfall at LoweswaterBrian Hardy1
Storm LightArthur Smith1
Trees upon terracesHarry Nagel1

1st: Juvenile Hanuman monkey
Keith Hildreth

2nd: Katie feeding Maya
Brian Hardy

3rd: Lichfield Cathedral
Dorothy Wilson

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 2nd seasonal projected image competition

1st February 2018
Judge: Peter Downs LRPS of Morpeth Camera Club

 Preliminary section
SenoraKeith McWhirter1
After the stormMargaret Warren1st8
Elizabeth BridgeRichard Shelton1
Beside the garden wallWendy Pratt1
BasketsKeith McWhirter1
Assamese fishermanMargaret Warren1
It's a long way to the topRichard Shelton1
Entrance to the pastWendy Pratt1
Blue LineKeith McWhirter2nd6
Street furnitureMargaret WarrenHC3
Rickey MedlockeRichard Shelton1
Meal for oneWendy Pratt3rd4

1st: After the storm
Margaret Warren

2nd: Blue line
Keith McWhirter

3rd: Meal for one
Wendy Pratt

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 Advanced Section
BackwashArthur Smith1
Cloud reflectionsDorothy Wilson1
At first sightGraham Relf1
Low tide at seaton sluiceHarry Nagel1
Lichfield CathedralHoward Wilson1
A shag drying offJohn McGuinness1
Cheetah at waterholeKeith HildrethHC3
DundonellRobin Sinton1
Modern Window FlateyStan Bewick1
The Pioneers HullDorothy Wilson1
GladiolusGraham Relf1
Roman Cavalry chargeHarry Nagel1
Steam engine detailHoward Wilson1
Southern Hawker in flightJohn McGuinness1
Fox cub in habitatKeith HildrethHC3
Laide BayRobin SintonHC3
Fjord AkureyriStan Bewick1
Thorp Monet PerrowArthur Smith2nd6
The SketcherDorothy Wilson1
Gold and blueGraham Relf1
The ReaderHarry Nagel1
Working handsHoward Wilson1st8
Sunset on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness1
Portrait of LionessKeith Hildreth3rd4
WastwaterRobin Sinton1

1st: Working hands
Howard Wilson

2nd: Thorp Monet Perrow
Arthur Smith

3rd: Portrait of Lioness
Keith Hildreth

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 Annual projected image competition

23rd November 2017
Judge: Alan Porrett ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, APAGB of Whitley Bay Photographic Society

PhotographerTitle of setTitle of imagePosition
Terry ScottLiverpool HC set
Liverpool Pier Head
Mann Island No 13rd image
Mann Island No 2
Dorothy WilsonInto the blue 
Bluebell wood
Bluebell girl
Bluebell boy
Paul MyersThe Lighthouse 
Lighthouse 1
Lighthouse 2
Lighthouse 3
Wendy PrattBee Expressive 
John McGuinnessScottish Panoramas 1st set
Rannoch Moor 1
Loch Etive1st image
Rannoch Moor 2
Harry NagelTime 2nd set
Solar time
Mechanical time
Night time
Howard WilsonNational Arboretum Memorial 
ATS Memorial
Armed Forces Memorial
47 Squadron Memorial
Stan BewickThree images 
1 Gulfoss
2 Gulfoss
3 Godafoss
Keith HildrethMasai Mara Big Cats 3rd set
African male leopard
Male lion
Cheetah2nd image
David PrattSt Kilda: Island on the edge of the world 
A new dawn Soay from the Cambir
Boreray through the tunnel
Spotlight on Oiseval
Margaret WarrenPunakha Tsechu Festival 2017 
Howling dog
The stag
The black dog pounces
Arthur SmithKodak films & cameras 
Kodak 1
Kodak 2
Kodak 3
Keith McWhirterSwans 
Bath time
The family
Diana HiltonCollage 
Brick of ages
Scottish restoration
Seen better days
Robin SintonWain Wath Falls 
Wain Wath 1
Wain Wath 2
Wain Wath 3
Rachael SewellPurple winter flowers 
Purple winter flower 1
Purple winter flower 2
Purple winter flower 3
Richard SheltonPeople of the desert 
Camel walkers
Faisal the tour guide
Hill farmers

Click here to see the winning sets in full

3rd image: Mann Island No 1
Terry Scott

2nd image: Cheetah
Keith Hildreth

1st image: Loch Etive
John McGuinness

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 1st seasonal projected image competition

9th November 2017
Judge: Stuart Skelsey LRPS, CPAGB, BPE 1* of Whitley Bay PS

 Preliminary section
Cows lickDiana Hilton3rd4
Ey up mi duckWendy PrattHC3
FruitKeith McWhirter1
Hirta BeachMargaret Warren2nd6
Over the edgeDiana HiltonHC3
Fresh catchWendy Pratt1
Hop itKeith McWhirter1
Masked dancerMargaret Warren1st8
Round the backDiana Hilton1
In the best lightWendy Pratt1
The red hatKeith McWhirter1
Watching from the thresholdMargaret WarrenHC3

1st: Masked dancer
Margaret Warren

2nd: Hirta beach
Margaret Warren

3rd: Cows lick
Diana Hilton

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 Advanced section
Castle PointHarry Nagel1
Fiddlers GreenDorothy WilsonHC3
High RiseArthur Smith1
First contactDavid Pratt1
Female KingfisherJohn McGuinness1
In the flower gardenGraham Relf1
Aurora K7Larry Bedigan1
Coal shovelHoward WilsonHC3
Fox cubKeith Hildreth1
Newton WoodRobin Sinton1
Elephant RockStan Bewick1
Autumn leavesThomas Heaton1
Dunstanburgh CastleHarry Nagel1
Fishermens cottageDorothy Wilson1
The Elephant & driversArthur Smith1
On the moveDavid Pratt3rd4
Whitley Bay LighthouseJohn McGuinness1
Sailing close to the windmillsGraham Relf1
Diamond BeachLarry Bedigan2nd6
DesireHoward Wilson1
In a lineKeith Hildreth1
StokksnesRobin Sinton1
GulfossStan Bewick1
Clear watersThomas Heaton1
House on the shoreHarry Nagel1
Yard entranceDorothy Wilson1
Twilight bluesArthur Smith1
Sgeir Mhor, St KildaDavid Pratt1
Tree on SkyeJohn McGuinness1
Time for a spring cleanGraham Relf1
Under the starsLarry Bedigan1
DiscardedHoward Wilson1
No escapeKeith HildrethHC3
Winter TreeRobin Sinton1st8
On the move at nightThomas HeatonHC3

1st: Winter tree
Robin Sinton

2nd: Diamond beach
Larry Bedigan

3rd: On the move
David Pratt

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 Judge for yourself

12th October 2017

45 images were submitted. The total marks from the audience resulted in the following 4 winners.

St Mary's lighthouseJohn McGuinness851st
On the moveDavid Pratt842nd
Young deerJohn McGuinness803rd
Time for a spring cleanGraham Relf774th

1st: St Mary's lighthouse
John McGuinness

2nd: On the move
David Pratt

3rd: Young deer
John McGuinness

4th: Time for a spring clean
Graham Relf

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