2019-2020 season

PDI = Projected Digital Image, which must be a JPEG file at most 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

The images shown along with these results are small versions of the originals and may not do them full justice. They are intended simply as reminders of the winning photos.

 Trophy winners

Agar TrophyJohn McGuinnessSeasonal Advanced Projected Images
Brooks TrophyAlan ForsterSeasonal Preliminary Projected Images
Brittain TrophyLarry BediganAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best set of 3
Stephenson TrophyMargaret WarrenAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best image
President's TrophyJohn McGuinnessPresident's Trophy (Implied motion)

 President's Trophy

5th March 2020

Judge: Albert Wood of Guisborough PG

Theme: Implied motion

First to blinkChris Parker
Celebration TorchDorothy Wilson
Boat on the RiverGeorge Benoist
RevolutionGraham Relf
Clapham BeckHenry Tennant
Children PlayingHoward Wilson
Moving starsJohn McGuinness1st
TeppanyakiKevin Gregson
Man on a MissionMargaret WarrenHC
Team PinkPeter Stevens
Holding onPhyllis Benoist
e-motion-BMWTerry Scott
F.R. StubbsAlan Forster
Bush FireArthur SmithHC
Primrose Hill Implied MotionBrett Culpin
Mum's TaxiChris Parker
Steam from Rolling StockDorothy Wilson
SwingsGeorge Benoist2nd
Swan LakeGraham Relf
The RaceHenry Tennant
TrainingHoward Wilson
Surf's upJohn McGuinness
Riding a wakeMargaret Warren
The RaftPhyllis Benoist3rd
Gunnar's landingTerry Scott
Ghost TrainAlan ForsterHC
WaltzerArthur Smith
TillyBrett Culpin

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal PDI competitions

We now show the scores for each round making up the totals.

 Preliminary section
Alan Forster8 + 12 + 5 = 251st
George Benoist12 + 3 + 3 = 182nd
Kevin Gregson3 + 0 + 13 = 163rd
Jane Flowers3 + 8 + 3 = 14
David Baldwin8 + 3 + 0 = 11
Phyllis Benoist0 + 3 + 5 = 8
Brett Culpin0 + 0 + 8 = 8
Julie Hedley0 + 6 + 0 = 6
 Advanced section
John McGuinness15 + 10 + 12 = 371st
Chris Parker10 + 6 + 6 = 222nd
Keith Hildreth7 + 3 + 10 = 203rd
Peter Stevens0 + 10 + 7 = 17
Henry Tennant5 + 7 + 3 = 15
Howard Wilson3 + 5 + 3 = 11
Margaret Warren3 + 5 + 3 = 11
Dorothy Wilson3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Graham Relf3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Brian Hardy3 + 3 + 0 = 6
Stan Bewick2 + 2 = 4
Arthur Smith3 + 0 = 3

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 3rd seasonal projected image competition

5th March 2020
Judge: Albert Wood of Guisborough PG

 Preliminary section
The Hairy TrumpetsAlan ForsterHC3
Lonely WalkBrett Culpin1
Moon over ShanghaiGeorge Benoist1
Precision FlyingJane Flowers1
Night SkyKevin Gregson1
Highland CowPhyllis BenoistHC3
Making TeaBrett Culpin1
Purple ShipGeorge Benoist1
Sacre-Coeur, ParisJane Flowers1
FluffyAlan Forster1
Rusty ChainsPhyllis Benoist1
San FranKevin Gregson3rd4
Sunset Over Incheon BridgeGeorge Benoist1
Two Old CodgersJane Flowers1
The LookoutBrett Culpin2nd6
Sunshine TreePhyllis Benoist1
Space OdysseyKevin Gregson1st8
The Market TraderAlan Forster1

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 Advanced section
Red SquirrelKeith Hildreth1
Bamburgh SunriseChris Parker1
Woman SpinningMargaret Warren1
Window ReflectionDorothy Wilson1
Morning GloryJohn McGuinnessHC3
Kingfisher with SticklebackKeith Hildreth2nd6
ICESGraham Relf1
Boat trip down the TynePeter Stevens1
Away from it allHoward Wilson1
Princess HuffyChris Parker3rd4
Cat and WineHenry Tennant1
KingfisherJohn McGuinness1
Evening light, PetraMargaret Warren1
Evening over Clevedon PierDorothy Wilson1
Sleeping under the stars in TanzaniaJohn McGuinness1st8
Still WatersHoward Wilson1
Closed mindPeter StevensHC3
Red Fox Cub 2Keith HildrethHC3
All in a day's workHenry Tennant1
No longer under the ploughGraham Relf1
Light at the end of the tunnelPeter StevensHC3
In Bluebell WoodDorothy Wilson1
SurroundedChris Parker1
Evening on the FjordHoward Wilson1
On the horizonGraham Relf1
They bought twoMargaret Warren1
ExhaustedHenry Tennant1

The 3rd seasonal images may be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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 2nd seasonal projected image competition

23rd January 2020
Judge: Kevin Mcintosh (Huntley, Aberdeenshire)

 Preliminary section
Custard CreamJulie Hedley1
Boiling WavesJane Flowers1
Damp feet GuaranteedAlan ForsterHC3
RigsPhyllis Benoist1
Ouch! Stop pulling my hairDavid Baldwin1
Park V ScarbroughJulie Hedley1
Behind Table MountainGeorge Benoist1
Cullercoats BayJane Flowers2nd6
Orchids and budsAlan Forster1
Rock GardenPhyllis Benoist1
Restoration at Delaval HallDavid Baldwin1
Maderian Old BootGeorge Benoist1
What's your problem. It's just down there.David Baldwin1
Sunshine and StormPhyllis Benoist1
Vancouver Police DepartmentJulie Hedley3rd4
The BluesmanAlan Forster1st8
Wave PowerJane Flowers1
Two CranesGeorge Benoist1

1st: The Bluesman
Alan Forster

2nd: Cullercoats Bay
Jane Flowers

3rd: Vancouver Police Department
Julie Hedley

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 Advanced section
The BowlerHoward Wilson1
Oddity of OdditiesGraham Relf1
Hello you woke me up!Margaret Warren1
Little OwlKeith Hildreth1
Fading LightPeter Stevens2nd6
Cypriot SunsetBrian Hardy1
Pictures at an ExhibitionHenry Tennant1
Early One MorningChris Parker1
Butter would not melt...Margaret WarrenHC3
Highlighted TreesDorothy Wilson1
Spanish GalleonStan Bewick1
OverflowingPeter Stevens1
Churchyard in Iceland 2John McGuinness1st8
Sculptures Outside ReykjavicBrian Hardy1
Holding onKeith Hildreth1
Painted LadyGraham Relf1
Photographer in Gloucester CloisterHoward Wilson1
Amsterdam CanalStan Bewick1
Greedy GannetChris Parker3rd4
The StormHenry TennantHC3
Kori BustardJohn McGuinness1
Where Steppe and Mountains MeetMargaret Warren1
Admiring the ViewDorothy Wilson1
Stokksness IcelandJohn McGuinness1
Cotton SpoolsHoward WilsonHC3
Red Grouse CallingKeith Hildreth1
Hooker Valley New ZealandHenry TennantHC3
Waiting For DoggoGraham Relf1
Misty WoodPeter StevensHC3
The Faroes from Foredeck of EclipseBrian Hardy1
Norwegian WoodDorothy Wilson1
HuyenChris Parker1

1st: Churchyard in Iceland 2
John McGuinness

2nd: Fading Light
Peter Stevens

3rd: Greedy Gannet
Chris Parker

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 Annual projected image competition

28th November 2019
Judge: Malcolm Kus ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b of Alnwick & District PS

PhotographerTitle of setTitle of imagePosition
Henry TennantTree bark lichens 
Tree bark lichens 1
Tree bark lichens 2
Tree bark lichens 3
Keith HildrethRed 3rd set
Red grouse
Red fox
Red squirrel
Stan BewickNotre Dame Cathedral, Rouen 
Mother and child
Notre Dame Cathedral, Rouen
Saintly figure
Brian HardyViews of Lake Garda 
Riva del Garda shore
Sunset at Torbole
Malcesine Castello
Howard WilsonWrington Woods 
Bluebell wood
Ferns in wood
Chris ParkerHokkaido winter birds 2nd set
Red crowned cranes
White tailed eagles
Stellar sea eagle
Graham RelfMuseums in York 
Yorkshire Museum
Castle Museum
Railway Museum
Margaret WarrenJordan highlights HC set
The desert landscape1st image
The people
The monuments of Petra
Dorothy WilsonLeeds Cornmarket 
Leeds Cornmarket 1
Leeds Cornmarket 2
Leeds Cornmarket 3
Alan ForsterThe Mouth of the Tyne Festival 
Against the tide
Did you see that?
Fish fingers
John McGuinnessBirds of the African Savannah HC set
Kori Bustard
Secretary Bird
Southern Ground Hornbill
Jane FlowersA day at the farm 
Cheeky monkey
Break for lunch
Brrm brrm
Larry BediganSand 1st set
Rivers of sand
Sandy woods
Flames in the sand

1st set (Brittain Trophy): Sand
Larry Bedigan

2nd set: Hokkaido winter birds
Chris Parker

3rd set: Red
Keith Hildreth

1st image (Stephenson Trophy): The desert landscape
Margaret Warren

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 1st seasonal projected image competition

14th November 2019
Judge: Malcolm Boyd of Castleside & District PC

 Preliminary section
Infinity PoolGeorge Benoist1st8
Bayeaux CathedralJane Flowers1
BaileyAlan Forster3rd4
By the BayKevin Gregson1
Brolley FantasiaDavid Baldwin1
Eye on the TyneKevin Gregson1
There and BackGeorge Benoist1
CheeseburnJane Flowers1
The Light at the end of the puddleAlan ForsterHC3
Statue of the AnnunciationDavid Baldwin2nd6
At The Going Down Of The SunGeorge BenoistHC3
Who's watching whoDavid Baldwin1
Millennium ViewKevin Gregson1
Greenhouse GlassesAlan Forster1
Bullet TrainJane Flowers1

1st: Infinity Pool
George Benoist

2nd: Statue of the Annunciation
David Baldwin

3rd: Bailey
Alan Forster

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 Advanced section
Conversation in ComoBrian Hardy1
Little owlGraham Relf1
Never stop the MusicMargaret Warren1
Dark SandsChris Parker1
Fox CubKeith HildrethHC3
Dawn LightArthur Smith1
Oiling the Wheels of IndustryHenry TennantHC3
In the ArcadeHoward Wilson1
Extreme window cleaningMargaret Warren1
AlliumsDorothy Wilson1
Clock, RouenStan Bewick1
A churchyard in IcelandJohn McGuinness1st8
WaltzerArthur Smith1
Cypriot SunsetBrian Hardy1
Little OwlKeith Hildreth1
No 1 Howard StreetGraham Relf1
Leaving the FjordHoward Wilson1
Mother and Child, RouenStan Bewick1
Dean StreetChris Parker2nd6
Lock UpArthur Smith1
Design GirlsHenry Tennant1
Gannet in flightJohn McGuinnessHC3
Morning light Wadi RumMargaret Warren1
PassagewayDorothy Wilson1
Trees on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness3rd4
Looking Across DerwentwaterHoward Wilson1
Vintage GemChris ParkerHC3
Red SquirrelKeith HildrethHC3
Winter SunsetHenry Tennant1
The genie of the tilesGraham Relf1
Torbole ReflectionBrian Hardy1
Time for a restDorothy Wilson1

1st: A churchyard in Iceland
John McGuinness

2nd: Dean Street
Chris Parker

3rd: Trees on Rannoch Moor
John McGuinness

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