2015-2016 season - Prints

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm. It has been several years since the old slightly larger size of 20 x 16inches has been outlawed but some prints are still being submitted at that size. These are liable to be disqualified. They certainly cannot be used for external competitions.

 Annual exhibition

Judge: Alan Fowler, DPAGB of Whickham Photographic Club

There is now a gallery showing some of the exhibition.

 Non-conventional section
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Tynemouth Priory in 3D - Method 1Graham Relf
Tynemouth Priory in 3D - Method 2Graham Relf1st
Tynemouth Priory in 3D - Method 3Graham Relf
EnlightenmentGraham Relf
Artist's impressionStan Bewick
The Biscuit FactoryArthur Smith
RabbitArthur Smith
Lunar observingJohn McGuiness2nd
Star trails at LindisfarneJohn McGuiness3rd
Photo albumSarah Timney

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 Club section, monochrome
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Dribbling dragonSarah Timney2nd
Library booksSarah Timney1st
Engine 34Sarah Timney3rd
 Club section, colour
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Senso-ji TempleSarah Timney
Temple gatesSarah Timney
Library Books 2Sarah Timney3rd
Window painSarah Timney2nd
ClavichordGraham Relf
Adverse camberGraham Relf1st
Cutty SarkGraham Relf
SmileGraham Relf

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 Advanced section, monochrome
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Me and my dogJohn McGuinness Best portrait
Paddy's HoleJohn McGuinness
Black Rock CottageJohn McGuinness2ndBest landscape
Blyth beachArthur SmithHC
Lindisfarne crossingArthur Smith3rd
Blyth blues 2Arthur Smith
Rocks and waterArthur Smith
Chaudefour valleyRobin SintonHC
Budir churchRobin Sinton
Swine Den, Cullernose PointRobin Sinton1st
Embleton beachRobin Sinton
MichelbachRobin SintonHC
SoiheimasandurRobin Sinton
Brimham rocksRobin Sinton
Church facade, BrusselsHoward Wilson
Arcade, BrusselsHoward Wilson
Knocker on gloss doorHoward Wilson
Wallington retreatHoward Wilson
Winter treeThomas Heaton
Snow fallThomas Heaton
MountainsStan Bewick
AmyStan Bewick
Briskdall FallsStan Bewick
HookStan Bewick
Lane in old BergenStan Bewick
 Advanced section, colour
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Midday SkyePaul Myers
Reed buntingPaul Myers
The CentralJohn McGuinness1stBest picture
Sycamore GapJohn McGuinnessHC
Emerald damselflyJohn McGuinness
Sunset, Neist PointJohn McGuinness
Tawny owl with preyJohn McGuinnessHC
Stalker CastleJohn McGuinness
Squirrel running up a treeJohn McGuinness
Red deer hindJohn McGuinness3rdBest nature
Waiting for AliceArthur Smith
Regent Cinema, RedcarArthur Smith2nd
CarouselArthur Smith
Radcliffe TerraceArthur SmithHC
Middle ScarRobin Sinton
Loch Lurgainn 2Robin Sinton
Winter morning, IcelandRobin Sinton
Bamburgh eveningRobin Sinton
MonkwoodRobin Sinton
Roots by the riverRobin Sinton
St. BreuilRobin SintonHC
OrcivalRobin Sinton
Tyne valleyRobin Sinton
Woodland dreamHoward Wilson
Spirit of South ShieldsHoward Wilson
Woodland playHoward Wilson
Farmer's refugeHoward Wilson
Young bull elephantKeith Hildreth
Red squirrelKeith Hildreth
Watching for dangerKeith Hildreth
Short-eared owlKeith Hildreth
Fox clubs at playKeith Hildreth
BitternKeith Hildreth
Red grouse in snowKeith Hildreth
HjorlundfjordStan Bewick
Number oneStan Bewick
The end of the fjordStan Bewick
Fun of the fairStan Bewick

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal print competitions

 Club section, monochrome
Graham Relf391st
Harry Nagel182nd
Sarah Timney103rd
 Club section, colour
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Graham Relf371st
Harry Nagel312nd
Sarah Timney83rd
 Advanced section, monochrome
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Robin Sinton301st
John McGuinness282nd
Paul Myers203rd
Thomas Heaton11
Stan Bewick8
Howard Wilson4
Keith Hildreth3
 Advanced section, colour
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
John McGuinness311st
Robin Sinton252nd
Paul Myers203rd
Thomas Heaton16
Keith Hildreth10
Howard Wilson6
Stan Bewick6

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 3rd seasonal print competition

3rd March 2016
Judge: June Shaw of South Shields Photographic Society

 Club section, monochrome
Cutty SarkGraham Relf1st8
ThreeGraham Relf 1
StrataGraham Relf3rd4
Winter SilhouetteHarry Nagel2nd6
The Fulwell MillHarry NagelHC3
Killingworth War MemorialHarry Nagel 1
Library books 1Sarah Timney 1
Dribbling dragonSarah Timney 1
 Club section, colour
York Chapter HouseGraham Relf2nd6
Starry vaultGraham Relf1st8
EnlightenmentGraham RelfHC3
A grey heron reflectsHarry Nagel 1
Urban graffitiHarry Nagel3rd4
Boats for hireHarry Nagel 1
Temple gatesSarah Timney 1
Library books 2Sarah TimneyHC3
Low clouds, JapanSarah Timney 1
 Advanced section, monochrome
Brimham rocksRobin Sinton1st8
Embleton beachRobin SintonHC3
Shieldridge, Loch Nan EileanRobin Sinton 1
Lane in old BergenStan Bewick 1
HookStan Bewick 1
Rough seasPaul Myers 1
Inside out, Lloyds of LondonPaul MyersHC3
Black Rock CottageJohn McGuinness2nd6
Holocaust Memorial, BerlinJohn McGuinness 1
Glacier around Loch NoirJohn McGuinnessHC3
Church facade, BrusselsHoward Wilson 1
Arcade, BrusselsHoward Wilson 1
Taking a breakThomas Heaton3rd4
Pride leaderKeith HildrethHC3
 Advanced section, colour
Winter morning, IcelandRobin Sinton2nd6
Roots by the riverRobin Sinton 1
Loch Nan EileanRobin SintonHC3
The end of the fjordStan Bewick 1
Number 1Stan Bewick 1
Reed buntingPaul MyersHC3
Midday, SkyePaul Myers 1
Old Man of StorrJohn McGuinnessHC3
Red squirrelJohn McGuinness 1
Lights at Neist PointJohn McGuinness3rd4
Woodland dreamHoward WilsonHC3
Farmer's refugeHoward Wilson 1
Early lightThomas Heaton1st8
Skulking bitternKeith Hildreth 1
Red squirrelKeith Hildreth 1
Young bull elephantKeith Hildreth 1

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 2nd seasonal print competition

14th January 2016
Judge: Jim Welsh LRPS, CPAGB of Blyth Photographic Society

 Club section, monochrome
RailingGraham RelfHC3
Tynemouth StationGraham Relf3rd4
PylonGraham Relf2nd6
Archer Terracotta ArmyHarry Nagel1st8
 Club section, colour
Wheelchair accessGraham RelfHC3
Rock facesGraham Relf 1
Duck fountainGraham Relf2nd6
Bronze chariotHarry Nagel3rd4
Reflections of TobermoryHarry Nagel1st8
Umbrella streetHarry Nagel 1
 Advanced section, monochrome
Swine Den, Cullernose PointRobin Sinton 1
Abstract Dent StationRobin Sinton 1
Roughting Lynn 1Robin Sinton2nd6
AmyStan Bewick 1
MountainsStan BewickHC3
Leopard PortraitPaul Myers3rd4
SpeedPaul Myers1st8
Paddy's Hole 2John McGuinnessHC3
NeglectedJohn McGuinness 1
A glancing lookJohn McGuinness 1
Wallington retreatHoward Wilson 1
Knocker on gloss doorHoward Wilson 1
A Winter's SketchThomas HeatonHC3
SnowfallThomas Heaton 1
 Advanced section, colour
Infinity BridgeRobin Sinton 1
Monk WoodRobin SintonHC3
Avon BeachRobin SintonHC3
HjorlundfjordStan Bewick 1
The fun of the fairStan Bewick 1
Kite surfingPaul Myers3rd4
Neiste Point LighthousePaul Myers 1
Neiste PointJohn McGuinness 1
Tawny owl with prey 2John McGuinness1st8
Winter on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness2nd6
Spirit of South ShieldsHoward Wilson 1
Woodland playHoward Wilson 1
Sunset over Lake MeadThomas Heaton 1
Winter treeThomas Heaton 1
Elm tree in morning lightThomas Heaton 1
Watching for dangerKeith HildrethHC3

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 1st seasonal print competition

12th November 2015
Judge: Vince Rooker DPAGB, EFIAP, APAGB of Morpeth Camera Club

 Club section, monochrome
Platform oneGraham Relf1st8
Saltburn pierGraham Relf3rd4
Making tracksGraham Relf 1
Engine no 34Sarah Timney2nd6
The zen gardenSarah Timney 1
Incense burnerSarah Timney 1
 Club section, colour
Out of my depthGraham Relf 1
Departure timeGraham RelfHC3
Dipsacus FullonumGraham Relf2nd6
The Killingworth RocketHarry Nagel1st8
Mud glorious mudHarry Nagel3rd4
Window painSarah TimneyHC3
 Advanced section, monochrome
Budir ChurchRobin Sinton 1
MichelbachRobin SintonHC3
HarwoodRobin Sinton2nd6
Tall bridgeStan Bewick1
Briksdal FallsStan Bewick1
American occupationPaul MyersHC3
The wise old man of SpainPaul Myers 1
No viewsJohn McGuinness 1
Angel Eyes - B&WJohn McGuinness1st8
Me and my dogJohn McGuinness3rd4
Aspen treesThomas HeatonHC3
 Advanced section, colour
Bamburgh eveningRobin Sinton2nd6
Monk WoodRobin Sinton 1
Tyne ValleyRobin Sinton 1
Nigardsbreen GlacierStan Bewick 1
Artist's impressionStan Bewick 1
Portrait of a Puffin with SandeelsPaul Myers1st8
Fast cornerPaul MyersHC3
Stalker CastleJohn McGuinness3rd4
Lighting up StaithesJohn McGuinnessHC3
Long-eared owl in a treeJohn McGuinness 1
Boulder viewThomas HeatonHC3
Great GableThomas Heaton 1
CatsbellsThomas Heaton 1
Short-eared owlKeith Hildreth 1
Fox cubs playingKeith HildrethHC3

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