2016-2017 season - Prints

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm. It has been several years since the old slightly larger size of 20 x 16inches has been outlawed but some prints are still being submitted at that size. These are liable to be disqualified. They certainly cannot be used for external competitions.

Images shown along with these results were photographs of the prints and so may not do them full justice. They are simply reminders of the winners.

 Annual exhibition

Judge: Anne Swearman ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB, PPSA, APSA of Whitley Bay Photographic Society

This exhibition is effectively our annual print competition (as opposed to the seasonal ones which came earlier).

There is a gallery showing the winning pictures in the exhibition. The full lists of all entries are shown below.

 Non-conventional section
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Dreamscape, VeneziaArthur Smith1st
AbstractionArthur Smith
Spring Time, Houghal WoodsArthur Smith
The Great Orion NebulaGraham Relf2nd
MillenniumGraham Relf
At the HoppingsGraham Relf
Up-settingGraham Relf
Liverpool WaterfrontTerry Scott

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 Club section, monochrome
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
If You Go Down to the Woods TodayRachael Sewell
Stark RealitySarah Timney2nd
Derelict VillaTerry Scott1st
Fishing BoatsTerry Scott
 Club section, colour
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
Old Car Mat HeapRachael Sewell
Loose ThreadSarah Timney
BuzzardSarah Timney
Central StationSarah Timney2nd
GrasslandsSarah Timney
Sunset at Blackpool Tower No2Terry Scott1st
Derelict Villa No2Terry ScottHC
St. James' Park SketchTerry ScottHC
Blackburn Falls, CragsideWendy Pratt3rd
Dunstanburgh RocksWendy Pratt
Path Through Gosforth WoodsWendy Pratt
Down Hareshaw DeneWendy Pratt
If Trees Could TalkWendy Pratt
Our First ShoesWendy PrattHC

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 Advanced section, monochrome
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
CastleriggArthur Smith
Wind & Rain, ButtermereArthur SmithHC
Waste PipeDavid Pratt
The OuseDavid Pratt
UpturnedDavid Pratt2nd
Closing InDavid Pratt
Beblowe CraigDavid Pratt3rd
BamburghDavid Pratt
A good reedGraham Relf
Figure, Cologne CathedralHoward Wilson
Liverpool Dock AreaHoward WilsonHC
Altar DetailHoward WilsonHC
Around in the WetHoward Wilson1stBest Monochrome Print
Juvenile Langur MonkeyKeith HildrethHC
The Wise Old Man of SpainPaul Myers
SpeedPaul Myers
North Sands PierRobin SintonHC
Bedruthan StepsRobin Sinton
4 PostsRobin SintonHC
Byker ViewRobin SintonHC
Bad a GhaillRobin Sinton
Embleton DunesRobin Sinton
DundonnellRobin Sinton
Lutheran Church, CopenhagenStan Bewick
Statue Detail, CopenhagenStan Bewick
Cornice, HermitageStan Bewick
Altar, Church of Spilled BloodStan Bewick
Coal TrainStan Bewick
Upper CoquetStan Bewick
 Advanced section, colour
TitlePhotographerPositionOther awards
The Art of ChinaArthur Smith
Dancing BirchArthur Smith
Blue Dawn, Derwent WaterArthur Smith1stBest Colour Print
Best landscape
Best Print in Exhibition
Absolutely FabulousArthur SmithHC
Flower GirlArthur Smith
Born FreeDavid Pratt3rd=
Catcher in the GrassDavid Pratt
In Hot PursuitDavid PrattBest Nature Print
First BlushDavid Pratt
Vision in VioletDavid PrattHC
Wild TideDavid Pratt3rd=
Sunset SurgeDavid PrattHC
Charlie in the MorningDavid Pratt
Sleeping CheetahDavid Pratt
The Road to RuinDavid Pratt
DaffodilGraham Relf
The Turnbull TrophyGraham Relf
Your moveGraham RelfHC
The Red BellHoward Wilson
Dressed for the OccasionHoward Wilson
College Dining RoomHoward Wilson
Shoreline RunnerHoward Wilson
Fountains AbbeyHoward Wilson2nd
Winter BerriesHoward Wilson
Laburnum ArchHoward Wilson
Made up for the OccasionHoward Wilson
Galloping WildebeestKeith Hildreth
Harvest MiceKeith HildrethHC
Red SquirrelKeith HildrethHC
Portrait of Female ImpalaKeith Hildreth
Portrait of CheetahKeith Hildreth
WatchingKeith Hildreth
IsolatedKeith Hildreth
African LeopardKeith Hildreth
Highland StagPaul MyersHC
Gannets PairingPaul Myers
Sunrise at SaltburnPaul Myers
Pier Extension, WhitbyPaul Myers
Trees at BolamRobin Sinton
Allen BanksRobin Sinton
Auvergne in Snow No1Robin Sinton
BlawearieRobin SintonHC
Aysgarth RiversideRobin Sinton
StokknesRobin Sinton
Londrangur CliffsRobin Sinton
OrcivalRobin Sinton
BicycleStan Bewick
Street MusicianStan Bewick
Street in Old StockholmStan Bewick
Floor Detail, HermitageStan Bewick
Mr PresidentStan BewickBest Portrait
Ceiling DetailStan Bewick

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal print competitions

 Club section, colour
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Terry Scott301st
Sarah Timney292nd
Rachael Sewell113rd
 Advanced section, monochrome
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Robin Sinton291st
John McGuinness172nd
Stan Bewick143rd
Howard Wilson13
Paul Myers11
Graham Relf11
Terry Scott11
David Pratt9
Keith Hildreth8
Sarah Timney6
Harry Nagel5
Rachael Sewell2
 Advanced section, colour
PhotographerTotal pointsPosition
Robin Sinton261st=
John McGuinness192nd=
Paul Myers192nd=
Stan Bewick16
David Pratt15
Keith Hildreth11
Graham Relf9
Harry Nagel8
Howard Wilson6

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 3rd seasonal print competition

23rd February 2017
Judge: Mavis McCormick LRPS of Hexham & District PS

 Club section, colour
Central Station, NewcastleSarah Timney34
Sunset at Blackpool Tower Top No2Terry Scott18
Golden GrasslandsSarah TimneyHC3
A Small PrioryRachael Sewell1
Derelict Villa No2Terry Scott26
Old Car Mat HeapRachael SewellHC3
Log BurnerSarah Timney1
Evening Light N. ItalyTerry Scott1
Take a SeatRachael Sewell1

1st - Sunset at Blackpool Tower top, No 2
Terry Scott

2nd - Derelict villa, No 2
Terry Scott

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 Advanced section, monochrome
The Train DriverJohn McGuinness26
Two by TwoGraham Relf1
Liverpool Dock AreaHoward Wilson1
Dark NightDavid Pratt1
Rectangular & Derelict No3Rachael Sewell1
Grooming TimeKeith HildrethHC3
St David's CathedralTerry Scott1
Freedom Statue Detail, RigaStan Bewick1
North Sand PierRobin Sinton1
Say Ah!Sarah Timney1
Gardeners WorldDavid Pratt1
If You Go Down to the Woods TodayRachael Sewell1
Coal TrainStan BewickHC3
Pride LeaderKeith Hildreth1
Tenby HarbourTerry Scott1
4 PostsRobin SintonHC3
Minimal Causeway RefugeJohn McGuinness1
Drift Wood in the BayPaul Myers1
TesselationGraham Relf1
Upper CoquetStan Bewick1
Blowing in the WindDavid Pratt34
Fishing BoatsTerry Scott1
Bedruthan StepsRobin Sinton18
Falkirk WheelHoward Wilson1
A Friendly FaceKeith Hildreth1
The Bird CarrierJohn McGuinness1
Quantum Cloud (Gormley)Graham Relf1
Eilean Donan CastlePaul Myers1

1st - Bedruthan Steps
Robin Sinton

2nd - The train driver
John McGuinness
 Advanced section, colour
Charlie in the MorningDavid Pratt18
Mr PresidentStan Bewick1
OrcivalRobin Sinton26
Frozen Loch at Rannoch MoorPaul MyersHC3
Lioness & CubsKeith Hildreth34
After a Lightning StrikeHarry Nagel1
WinterGraham Relf1
The Red BellHoward Wilson1
Catching the LightJohn McGuinness1
Londrangur CliffsRobin Sinton1
Ceiling DetailStan Bewick1
New & old (Gateshead)Graham Relf1
All Lines Lead to FourstonesHarry Nagel1
Old Man of StorrPaul MyersHC3
Bengal Tiger with KillKeith Hildreth1
KingfisherJohn McGuinness1
Out for a WalkDavid PrattHC3
Metro bridgeGraham Relf1
StokknesRobin SintonHC3
Shoreline RunnerHoward Wilson1
Dawn BeckonsDavid Pratt1
Original Swing Bridge Steam EngineHarry Nagel1
African LeopardKeith Hildreth1
Morning GloryJohn McGuinness1
Upper CoquetdaleStan Bewick1

1st - Charlie in the morning
David Pratt

2nd - Orcival
Robin Sinton

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 2nd seasonal print competition

12th January 2017
Judge: George Ledger DPAGB of Consett & District PS and Hexham & District PS

 Club section, colour
Buzzard, Kielder ForestSarah Timney34
St James Park SketchTerry Scott26
Loose ThreadsSarah Timney1
SylviaRachael Sewell1
Sunset at Blackpool Tower TopTerry Scott1
First FrostSarah Timney1
Penniless Cove LaneTerry Scott18

1st - Penniless Cove Lane
Terry Scott

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 Advanced section, monochrome
1st Class PassengersJohn McGuinness1
A good reedGraham Relf1
Figure, Cologne CathedralHoward Wilson1
Night FallDavid Pratt1
ComplexityHarry Nagel1
Wildebeest + YoungKeith Hildreth1
Lone Tree near KendalTerry Scott1
Bridge Over River NevaStan Bewick1
Embleton DunesRobin Sinton1
Arcs & AnglesSarah Timney1
SarahDavid Pratt1
Moody Llyn Gwynant, SnowdoniaHarry Nagel1
Statue Detail, CopenhagenStan Bewick1
Brown Hare PreeningKeith Hildreth1
Around in the WetHoward Wilson18
Derelict VillaTerry Scott26
DundonnellRobin SintonHC3
Little EgretJohn McGuinness1
Lutheran Church, CopenhagenStan Bewick34
KnottyGraham Relf1
American War Vet SleepingPaul Myers1
Mood of the Mountains, SnowdoniaHarry Nagel1
Bad A'GhaillRobin Sinton1
African LeopardKeith Hildreth1
Sycamore GapJohn McGuinnessHC3
Storm Clouds over Isola BellaTerry Scott1
Stark RealitySarah Timney1
RipplesGraham Relf1
The GroynePaul Myers1
Winter SunDavid Pratt1

1st - Around in the Wet
Howard Wilson
 Advanced section, colour
Thousand Yard StareDavid Pratt1
Street MusicianStan Bewick1
Middle Scar 2Robin Sinton1
The Glen Etive at SunsetPaul Myers18
Harvest MiceKeith HildrethHC3
Art of the MachineHarry Nagel1
The Turnbull TrophyGraham Relf1
Fountains AbbeyHoward Wilson1
Tawny Owl with MouseJohn McGuinness26
Trees at BolamRobin Sinton1
Floor Detail, HermitageStan Bewick1
DaffodilGraham Relf1
Boats in CopenhagenHarry Nagel1
Autumn ColoursPaul Myers1
LionessKeith Hildreth1
AbandonedJohn McGuinness1
Twisted MittenDavid Pratt1
Autumn PaletteGraham Relf1
Allen BanksRobin SintonHC3
WinterHoward Wilson1
CascadeDavid Pratt1
Meet Me at the WaterfallHarry Nagel1
African LeopardKeith Hildreth1
The CentralJohn McGuinness34
Great Door, Church of Spilled BloodStan Bewick1

1st - Glen Etive at Sunset
Paul Myers

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 1st seasonal print competition

27th October 2016
Judge: Jed Wee BA(photo), ARPS, AFIAP from Durham Photographic Society

 Club section, colour
The Missing ShedRachael Sewell1
WW1 & WW2 Look OutRachael Sewell34
Morning GlorySarah Timney18
Seaton Delaval StaircaseSarah Timney26
Storm Clouds GatheringSarah Timney1

1st - Morning Glory
Sarah Timney
 Advanced section, monochrome
Alone & StarkHarry Nagel1
Stick in the MudHarry Nagel1
Altar DetailHoward Wilson1
Potteresque - But Not the BulbHoward Wilson1
Ash WoodsRobin Sinton1
Byker ViewRobin Sinton18
St Mary's LighthouseRobin SintonHC3
Japanese Tea GardenSarah Timney1
Railing Against the Tide, Holy IslandSarah Timney1
Salmon Boats on the TweedSarah Timney1
Black Rock Cottage 2John McGuinness34
ForgottenPaul Myers1
Leon HaslamPaul Myers26
Hydrogen in CygnusGraham RelfHC3
RootsGraham Relf1
Up-settingGraham Relf1
Altar, Church of Spilled BloodStan Bewick1
Cornice, HermitageStan Bewick1
YachtStan Bewick1

1st - Byker View
Robin Sinton
 Advanced section, colour
College Dining RoomHoward Wilson1
Laburnum ArchHoward Wilson1
Aysgarth RiversideRobin Sinton34
BlawearieRobin Sinton1
The RumpsRobin Sinton26
Bamburgh ReflectionsJohn McGuinnessHC3
Beadnell SunsetJohn McGuinness1
Juvenile KingfisherJohn McGuinness1
BicycleStan Bewick18
Lutheran Church, StockholmStan Bewick1
Street in Old StockholmStan Bewick1
Cosmic chemistryGraham Relf1
LiliesGraham Relf1
Your moveGraham Relf1
Blue AngelsPaul Myers1
Highland StagPaul MyersHC3
Anchorage at TobermoryHarry Nagel1
Sun BurstHarry Nagel1

1st - Bicycle
Stan Bewick

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