2019-2020 season - Prints

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm.

Images shown along with these results were photographs of the prints and so may not do them full justice. They are simply reminders of the winners.

 Seasonal competition trophy winners

Silver Jubilee TrophyArthur SmithSeasonal Advanced Monochrome Prints
Furlong TrophyAlan ForsterSeasonal Preliminary Monochrome Prints
Dr Knox TrophyJohn McGuinnessSeasonal Advanced Colour Prints
Taylor TrophyAlan ForsterSeasonal Preliminary Colour Prints

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 Final cumulative scores from seasonal print competitions

We now show the scores for each round making up the totals.

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Alan Forster13 + 18 + 15 = 461st
Dorothy Wilson6 + 0 + 0 = 62nd
Phyllis Benoist0 + 0 + 4 = 43rd
 Preliminary section, colour
Alan Forster15 + 10 + 12 = 371st
Dorothy Wilson4 + 6 + 6 = 162nd
George Benoist3 + 3 + 6 = 123rd
Phyllis Benoist0 + 6 + 5 = 11
Julie Hedley0 + 0 + 3 = 3

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 Advanced section, monochrome
Arthur Smith8 + 10 + 13 = 311st
John McGuinness10 + 5 + 5 = 202nd
Keith Hildreth6 + 3 + 10 = 193rd
Henry Tennant5 + 10 + 3 = 18
Terry Scott5 + 8 + 3 = 16
Peter Stevens0 + 0 + 5 = 5
Howard Wilson2 + 2 + 2 = 6
Stan Bewick2 + 2 + 0 = 4
 Advanced section, colour
John McGuinness10 + 12 + 5 = 271st
Terry Scott7 + 11 + 8 = 262nd
Henry Tennant9 + 4 + 5 = 183rd
Keith Hildreth6 + 3 + 5 = 14
Arthur Smith3 + 5 + 5 = 13
Peter Stevens0 + 0 + 13 = 13
Howard Wilson2 + 2 + 2 = 6
Stan Bewick2 + 2 + 0 = 4

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 3rd seasonal print competition

13th February 2020
Judge: Veronica Congleton ARPS of Ponteland PS

 Preliminary section, monochrome
The Devil cleans MangoAlan Forster1st8
The Lonely AnemometerAlan Forster2nd6
Silver DiverPhyllis Benoist3rd4
We're MovingAlan Forster1
 Preliminary section, colour
Shepherd's WarningJulie Hedley1
Cloudy SunsetGeorge Benoist1
DeterminedAlan ForsterHC3
Coming ThroughPhyllis Benoist1
Eyes on the prizeJulie Hedley1
Sea Sky and SunGeorge Benoist1
Case of the battered portmanteauAlan Forster1
Bluebell GirlDorothy Wilson2nd6
At the end of the dayPhyllis Benoist1
Shepherd's Delight Jan 2020Julie Hedley1
One for the BrochureGeorge Benoist3rd4
The HatterAlan Forster1st8
African SunrisePhyllis BenoistHC3

Mono 1st: The Devil cleans Mango
Alan Forster

Colour 1st: The Hatter
Alan Forster

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 Advanced section, monochrome
Vogue FashionJohn McGuinnessHC3
Lofoten LandscapePeter Stevens1
Steel work Huddersfield UniversityHenry Tennant1
Pride LeaderKeith HildrethHC3
Cottage DoorsHoward Wilson1
The Captains House CullercoatsArthur Smith1
Not so friendly GorillaTerry Scott1
Sleeping under the stars in AfricaJohn McGuinness1
Young & OldPeter Stevens1
Art Science MuseumHenry Tennant1
Street UrchinsKeith Hildreth2nd6
Windmill at Cley next to the seaTerry Scott1
Whitby StepsPeter StevensHC3
The model in the windowJohn McGuinness1
Colne Valley RuinHenry Tennant1
Lioness CubsKeith Hildreth1
Tree in a BlizzardArthur Smith3rd4
Vandalised Gateway GrasmereHoward Wilson1
Dungeness – PylonsTerry Scott1
Under ThreatArthur Smith1st8
 Advanced section, colour
Can you see it as wellJohn McGuinness1
Waiting for a trainPeter Stevens1st8
Grey Mares TailHenry Tennant1
At the StandpipeKeith Hildreth1
Cabins at OldenHoward Wilson1
RestingTerry Scott1
Low tide at St Marys 2John McGuinnessHC3
Cat Bells from Friars CragPeter Stevens1
Look at meHenry TennantHC3
Juvenile little owl No 4Keith Hildreth1
Rocky Hill - Helm CragHoward Wilson1
Lost in a dreamArthur Smith1
Friendly GorillaTerry Scott1
Kirkjufellsfoss IcelandJohn McGuinness1
Lone tree UllswaterPeter Stevens3rd4
Rotted tree stumpHenry Tennant1
CapturedKeith HildrethHC3
TulipsArthur SmithHC3
NeddyTerry Scott2nd6
Poppy ImpressionsArthur Smith1

Mono 1st: Under Threat
Arthur Smith

Colour 1st: Waiting for a train
Peter Stevens

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 2nd seasonal print competition

9th January 2020
Judge: Keith Archer CPAGB of Ryton and District CC

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Insides outAlan Forster3rd4
Forty-five eighty-one, imperfect symmetryAlan Forster1st8
Nine trianglesAlan Forster2nd6
 Preliminary section, colour
Superb StarlingGeorge Benoist1
ArukasAlan Forster1
Time for a breakDorothy Wilson2nd6
YawnPhyllis Benoist1
Golden PavillionGeorge Benoist1
Call it stormy MondayAlan Forster1
Mother and FoalPhyllis Benoist1
CheetahGeorge Benoist1
Place de la MariaAlan Forster1st8
Who's watching who?Phyllis Benoist3rd4

Mono 1st: 4581, imperfect symmetry
Alan Forster

Colour 1st: Place de la Maria
Alan Forster

Colour 2nd: Time for a break
Dorothy Wilson

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 Advanced section, monochrome
A study in blue - HyacinthsArthur SmithHC3
Diamond BeachJohn McGuinness1
Motor Cycle EngineStan Bewick1
The Quiraing Isle of SkyeHenry Tennant1
Costa MediterraneaTerry Scott1
Lock on the old doorHoward Wilson1
Grouse in SnowKeith Hildreth1
The Closed GateArthur Smith2nd6
Tawny owl in the woodsJohn McGuinnessHC3
Balmoral ReflectionsStan Bewick1
Tyneside ChimneysHenry Tennant1st8
Derelict BoatsTerry ScottHC3
Choir Door Lincoln CathedralHoward Wilson1
Little Owl and YoungKeith Hildreth1
Winter TreesArthur Smith1
all aboardJohn McGuinness1
Kishor Kadu artHenry Tennant1
Sole Bay Fish Co. spoilt for choiceTerry Scott3rd4
Brown Hare PreeningKeith Hildreth1
 Advanced section, colour
Day Break at CrasterArthur Smith1
Lost in the treesJohn McGuinnessHC3
Notre Dame Cathedral RouenStan Bewick1
Autumn footpathHenry TennantHC3
Rowboat at OrtaTerry Scott3rd4
Master at workHoward Wilson1
At the Auction MartKeith Hildreth1
Path to the BeachArthur Smith1
Little owl in treeJohn McGuinness1
Window, Joan of Arc ChurchStan Bewick1
Fish MarketHenry Tennant1
Windmill at Cley next to the sea no.1Terry Scott2nd6
Through the old windowHoward Wilson1
Holding onKeith Hildreth1
A Church near Vik on IcelandJohn McGuinness1st8
FrozenArthur SmithHC3
Derelict WagonTerry Scott1
Little OwlKeith Hildreth1

Mono 1st: Tyneside Chimneys
Henry Tennant

Mono 2nd: The Closed Gate
Arthur Smith

Mono 3rd: Sole Bay Fish Co. spoilt for choice
Terry Scott

Colour 1st: A Church near Vik on Iceland
John McGuinness

Colour 2nd: Windmill at Cley next to the sea no.1
Terry Scott

Colour 3rd: Rowboat at Orta
Terry Scott

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 1st seasonal print competition

31st October 2019
Judge: Peter Walton ABIPP, AMPA, DipPP of Durham PS

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Two cool catsAlan Forster1
The backscratcherAlan Forster1st8
LookingAlan Forster3rd4
Looking upDorothy Wilson2nd6
 Preliminary section, colour
Bulls eyeAlan Forster2nd6
Bleached woodGeorge Benoist1
Just the ticketAlan Forster1
Crosby BeachDorothy Wilson3rd4
The old water millGeorge Benoist1
Earring and glassesAlan Forster1st8
Wall artGeorge Benoist1

Monochrome 1st: Backscratcher
Alan Forster

Colour 1st: Earring and glasses
Alan Forster

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 Advanced section, monochrome
Stepping outHenry Tennant1
Trees on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness1st8
Cloisters roof at Fountains AbbeyHoward Wilson1
High riserArthur Smith1
Fox cubKeith Hildreth2nd6
The Angel ChoirTerry ScottHC3
Last Supper Rouen CathedralStan Bewick1
Twynholm treesHenry TennantHC3
AlpacaJohn McGuinness1
Capstan detailHoward Wilson1
Copt Hill BarrowArthur Smith3rd4
Black JackTerry Scott1
Cathedral stairsStan Bewick1
Water on the beachHenry Tennant1
Grasses on the beach in IcelandJohn McGuinness1
AuroraArthur SmithHC3
Lincoln JailTerry Scott1
 Advanced section, colour
Amble HarbourHenry Tennant1st8
Beadnell HarbourJohn McGuinness1
Rainbow phenomenonHoward Wilson1
Beach huts at AmbleArthur Smith1
Cheetah and cubsKeith Hildreth1
The Central ArcadeTerry ScottHC3
Pussy in the windowStan Bewick1
Ruined farm MerrydaleHenry Tennant1
Landing gannetJohn McGuinnessHC3
Fjord viewHoward Wilson1
Grape hyacinthsArthur Smith1
Dispute in the prideKeith Hildreth3rd4
Below Southwold PierTerry Scott1
Joan of Arc ChurchStan Bewick1
Low tide at St MarysJohn McGuinness2nd6
The Low LightsArthur Smith1
NaomiKeith Hildreth1
St Marys in the mistTerry ScottHC3

Monochrome 1st: Trees on Rannoch Moor
John McGuinness

Colour 1st: Amble Harbour
Henry Tennant

Colour 2nd: Low tide at St Marys
John McGuinness

Colour 3rd: Dispute in the pride
Keith Hildreth

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