2019 - 2020 season

 North Tyne Interclub Print Competition, North Shields, 27th November 2019

Howard writes:

Those who missed last night, missed a very tight match, in which there were some very nice prints. Jim Welsh was the judge for this 5 way competition. Prints were marked out of 30.

By half time we had scored a very tidy 4 x 26. We were two points behind our close neighbours and friends, Whitley Bay PS. In the second half, after our second print, we were one point behind, after Keith's "Fox Cub in Habitat" scored 29. Oooo the battle was on!

By the next print we were level, when WB scored 25 and John McGuiness's "Last Building at the Pit" scored 26. Phew.

In the meantime, Cramlington had gained the top mark of 30 with a print by Colin Livingstone, "Number 3", to draw level with us as well. Blimey this was tight. Cramlington's last print scored 25, then Arthur's Tulips got a lovely 29. Oooh! The 30 had already gone ( there can only be one), so the worst we could now do was draw.

As soon as WB's print was put up, I had a hunch we had won. Jim thought the left side was not necessary and should probably be cut off. He gave it 27.

We had nicked it by two points. Well, well! Great. Keith was presented with the trophy by Jim and thanked him for judging the competition and also North Shields for hosting the event at short notice. A buffet followed. Thanks North Shields!

The full result was Gosforth 202, North Shields 203, Cramlington 208, Whitley Bay 210 and Tynemouth 212.

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2018 - 2019 season

 North Tyne Area projected image competition, 26th March 2019

Our top marked picture was Chris Parker's Japanese Macaque, with 29 points. On the night Whitley Bay were very worthy winners with 221 points. We were joint 3rd with 213. Andrew Nicoll of W Bay, also had the top picture.

Congratulations to Whitley Bay.

 NCPF Championships, 24th February 2019

Howard writes:

Keith and I attended the Championships at Clara Vale. Very enjoyable seeing so much different work.

Prints - Our top score was John McGuinness's "Last Building at the Pit" with 13. Well done John! You will see however that we had generally very decent scores, with quite a few 11s and 12s. We were joint 13th out of 18. Our print scores [PDF]

Keswick won (again) with 244 and Durham were second with 241. They will both represent our Federation at the national competition in October.

PDIs - we achieved ten 12s and five 11s. Very commendable scores and we can be pleased with that. We were 8th out of 21 or 22 clubs.Our PDI scores [PDF]

Keswick won (again) with 248 and Northallerton (the club to beat until about 3 yrs ago) were second with 239. They both go to the national PDI competition at Warwick University in July.

We wish all three clubs good luck with their entries.

There were only two 15s in each competition. The lowest score on the day was 6.

A big thank you to all who submit work to competitions so that we can look at them for use in competitions such as this. We do appreciate you doing it.

 Gateshead - Tynemouth - Sunderland inter-club competition

6th December 2018 - Hosted by Tynemouth. Judge: Dave Phillips of Hartlepool P & DG

We hosted the inter-club print competition with Sunderland and Gateshead clubs. The good news is that we won. A very good night with an excellent judge, finished off with a good chat and buffet. Congratulations to Robin and Keith who scored 30.

Score sheet [PDF]

 North Tyne Area print competition 2018

27th November 2018 - Hosted by Whitley Bay Club

Of the 7 clubs entering, we came 4th= with 209 points. Whitley Bay won with 219 points.

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2017 - 2018 season

 Inter-club print competition at Sunderland

7th December 2017 - Hosted by Sunderland Photographic Association

We competed against Sunderland and Gateshead. We came second with 312 points to Sunderland's 314. Gateshaed were 3rd with 304. Our individual scores were as follows.

A new day at Golden Gate27
Junior langur monkey22
The steps to the causeway27
Four posts22
Lone tree27
Seaham Pier28
Steel wheels26
The edge of Elgol24
Mountain view26
Dream catch me when I fall26
Derelict villa 227
Portrait of female impala30

(Sorry, photographer names are not available.)

 North Tyne Area print competition 2017

27th November 2017 - Hosted by Ponteland Club

Of the 7 clubs entering, we came 2nd with 182 points. Whitley Bay won with 193 points. Our entries were as follows.

Charlie in the MorningDavid Pratt25
In Case of RainSarah Timney18
Harvest MiceKeith Hildreth22
Derelict VillaTerry Scott26
Snowbound FenceRobin Sinton18
BicycleStan Bewick19
The CentralJohn McGuinness29
Red Fox CubKeith Hildreth25

2016 - 2017 season

 North Tyne projected images competition

30th March 2017 - Hosted by Cramlington Club - Judge: Malcolm Blenkey LRPS of Saltburn

Notes from Howard Wilson, External Competitions Secretary

We won the NT Area competition, held at Cramlingon on Thursday night. By ONE point from Whitley Bay. 211 to 210. A good night for us. You know I just love to win this trophy. This is the 4th year in a row. Thanks to the authors. Well done to the judge, Malcolm Blenkey and to the selection committee.

Our top picture was John McGuiness' "Tyne Swing Bridge" with 28.

Whitley Bay's Andrew Nicoll won the best picture. 30 for "Tynemouth Spray". A huge wave over the pier.

Our submissions and scores

Surfer's paradise (27 points)
John McGuinness

Barn owl (27 points)
Larry Bedigan

Iceberg (24 points)
Margaret Warren

Kestrel (27 points)
Larry Bedigan

Grotfjord (26 points)
Thomas Heaton

Leopard portrait (26 points)
Paul Myers

Tyne Swing Bridge (28 points)
John McGuinness

Norwegian hut (26 points)
Thomas Heaton

 Inter-club print competition

1st December 2016 - Hosted by Gateshead camera Club - Judge: Malcolm Kus

Notes from Howard Wilson, External Competitions Secretary

Last night was our annual print competition with Sunderland and Gateshead clubs. This year, held at Gateshead, the judge was Malcolm Kus.

Stan and I set off in good time and were at Jesmond Road by 6.55. Then we crawled. It seems there had been a big accident in the Tyne Bridge area.

We walked into Gateshead clubrooms just after 7.45 and print no 12 (of 36) was just going up on the stand. Consequently I had no idea how we were faring.

Malcolm had decided to treat mono and colour prints separately and awarded a 30 in each section.

Arnold Hubbard, a distant member of Sunderland now, was awarded a 30 for his mono 'Country House', but I did not know or see that until the end. Well done to him.

In the colour section we did very well and achieved 2 x 29s and the 30. Well done to Stan - (Bicycle, 30) and Arthur.

 Club totals - monochrome
ClubTotal scorePosition
 Club totals - colour
ClubTotal scorePosition
 Club totals - overall
ClubTotal scorePosition

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 Image scores - monochrome
Image titlePhotographer *ClubScore
Watching wavesSunderland29
Inside outPaul MyersTynemouth27
Rest @Old ManGateshead26
Country houseSunderland30
Black Rock CottageJohn McGuinnessTynemouth23
I think he's taking usGateshead23
Colorado desertSunderland22
Byker viewRobin SintonTynemouth25
Fog on the TyneGateshead28
Village street ChinaSunderland27
Blyth beachArthur SmithTynemouth28
Your moveGateshead26
Industrial legacySunderland28
Rough seasPaul MyersTynemouth25
Evening lightGateshead25
Royal fireSunderland26
Arctic tern in flightThomas HeatonTynemouth27
Early trainGateshead28
 Image scores - colour
Image titlePhotographer *ClubScore
Sic transit gloriaSunderland26
Highland stagPaul MyersTynemouth24
Scruffy chopsGateshead27
Autumn mistSunderland26
Waiting for AliceArthur SmithTynemouth29
The killing blowGateshead29
Out of the mist Prebend's BridgeSunderland27
Monk Wood autumnRobin SintonTynemouth25
Once upon a timeGateshead23
Out of seasonArthur SmithTynemouth29
In all weathersGateshead26
Buzzard feedingSunderland24
BicycleStan BewickTynemouth30
Toffee factoryGateshead24
Happy hourSunderland29
Red deer hindJohn McGuinnessTynemouth27
Trainspotters reflectionGateshead24

Stan Bewick

* Only our own photographers are named.

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 North Tyne Area print competition 2016

29th November 2016 - Hosted by North Shields club - Judge: David Hall

 Tynemouth winners!

Notes from Howard Wilson, External Competitions Secretary

The competition was hosted by North Shields this year - their first time hosting a North Tyne event. The venue was the second floor of The Low Light, on the Fish Quay. Stan, Margaret and I supported Tynemouth and when we walked it to the room I said to the Whitley Bay members 'If numbers count, you've won it already'. Nine of them were there. If you are a Thursday member, where were you?

Anyway, on with the show! David Hall was the judge and he was very enthusiastic about all of the work.

We started off strongly and in general kept it up, going very well at the end.

David was so complimentary about almost all of the prints, that he did not give any of them less than 21. This lead to a tight competition and after 3 pictures each we were 2 points behind N Shields and after 4 (Paul's Puffin with Sandeels, which had been transformed in N Shields language to 'Puffin with Sandals' ha ha) we were 1 point behind Whitley Bay. Their 4th picture turned out to be the winning picture of the night and it was by Jeff Evans. David had explained that he had given 5 pictures 29 and would make one a 30.

After the second last print I knew that we had won and Larry's Edwardian Beauty finished us off in style with a 29. Well done Larry, PLEASE keep printing.

So, we finished top with 216 points, 6 ahead of Gosforth with 210. Cramlington 207. Whitley Bay and N Shields joint 4th with 206. Ponteland 6th with 197 and Wallsend 7th with 191.

It really was a good night and all 5 top pictures were put on display at the end so that we could examine them, ponder, and discuss them with others. And there WAS some discussion. Indeed more than one told me they liked Larry's very much. But hey, even David had said it was almost too close to call.

I had the privilege of collecting the trophy on behalf of the club and giving a vote of thanks to David Hall for his judging and North Shields for hosting. The raffle was then drawn and there must have been 20 prizes. I won some wine and Margaret a box of sweets. (Stan was empty handed.) This was followed by a buffet with tea and coffee.

Am I chuffed? It's a pity I'm not a Scotsman as I am almost flying! (Whistles all round).

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 Club totals
ClubTotal scorePosition
North Shields2064th=
Whitley Bay2064th=

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 Image scores
Image titlePhotographer *ClubScore
The outflowCramlington22
Angry sea, TynemouthGosforth26
I'm watchingPonteland24
Off the rails at Chemical BeachLarry BediganTynemouth26
Bamburgh CastleWallsend23
Silver waterWhitley Bay25
Blue titNorth Shields28
Step into the lightCramlington26
Zimanga LagoonPonteland25
Black Rock CottageJohn McGuinnessTynemouth27
Devils Point UruguayWallsend25
Still standingWhitley Bay26
StudentNorth Shields25
The North TowerCramlington27
Curlew coming in to landGosforth27
Damp dreadsPonteland25
Middle ScarRobin SintonTynemouth24
Down on the boardwalkWallsend21
Eyes shut and prayWhitley Bay24
Beach bergNorth Shields26
Green woodpeckersCramlington23
Dunlin foragingGosforth27
Wet hairPonteland23
Puffin with sandeelsPaul MyersTynemouth27
Midnight blueWallsend26
Ring to enterWhitley Bay30
The Sage Gateshead abstractNorth Shields22
Amali CathedralCramlington26
Happy daysGosforth27
In the frameArthur SmithTynemouth28
Prudhoe Castle reflectionWallsend22
Spring colourWhitley Bay25
Fading beautyNorth Shields26
Me and my friendGosforth25
Bamburgh eveningRobin SintonTynemouth27
Red helicopterWallsend21
The art loversWhitley Bay25
HomelessNorth Shields27
Good Morning BamburghCramlington26
To Burnhope SeatGosforth26
Fjord sunsetPonteland24
The CentralJohn McGuinnessTynemouth28
Roof topsWallsend25
Flight of fancyWhitley Bay22
Beautiful goslingNorth Shields28
Rose with raindropsCramlington29
Watching owlGosforth28
Standing togetherPonteland24
Edwardian beautyLarry BediganTynemouth29
The candle burnsWallsend28
Tynemouth sprayWhitley Bay29
Icelandic headlandNorth Shields24

* Only our own photographers are named.

Edwardian beauty
Larry Bedigan

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2015 - 2016 season

 NCPF competition 2016

Notes from Howard Wilson, External Competitions Secretary

We must congratulate Larry Bedigan for scoring a 15 with his 'Red Eyed Tree Frog 2' in the PDIs and also John McGuinness on scoring a 13 with his 'Tawny Owl with Prey' in the Colour Print section.

Our mono entry, well, not so good. Talking to some people there, I think we agreed that in general the overall mono entry was not as strong this year.

Considering that last year we won the Bewick trophy, this time we have not done nearly as well but never mind. We did not disgrace ourselves and we have some successes.

 Bewick Trophy: Society/Club Colour Prints

The Society/Club may enter 6 colour prints from a minimum of 3 workers (max 2 prints per worker). All prints entered into the Bewick Trophy are automatically entered into the general print competition.

Society/Club entries
Title of colour printMember's name & distinctionsMark
I'm lateArthur Smith DPAGB10
Puffin with SandeelsPaul Myers10
The Mob's in TownJohn McGuinness CPAGB12
Misty Dawn VeniceArthur Smith DPAGB10
Tawny Owl with PreyJohn McGuinness CPAGB13
Middle ScarRobin Sinton ARPS12
Additional entries for the general Colour Print Competition
Title of colour printMember's name & distinctionsMark
Lamp at No 3Howard Wilson APAGB9
In The FrameArthur Smith DPAGB9
Monkwood - AutumnRobin Sinton ARPS9
Brougham Castle & Milky WayGraham Relf9
Loch Nan EileanRobin Sinton ARPS11
EnlightenmentGraham Relf10
Bavarian ChurchHoward Wilson APAGB10
ClavichordGraham Relf10
Winter on Rannoch MoorJohn McGuinness CPAGB11
Early LightThomas Heaton9
Window 'Pain'Sarah Timney9

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 Corder Trophy: Society/Club Monochrome Prints
Society/Club entries
Title of monochrome printMember's name & distinctionsMark
Lindisfarne CrossingArthur Smith DPAGB9
Blackrock CottageJohn McGuinness CPAGB11
Dead Tree Loch LurgainnRobin Sinton ARPS10
Inside Out (Lloyds of London)Paul Myers10
Walking the DogArthur Smith DPAGB9
Angel EyesJohn McGuinness CPAGB10
Additional entries for the general Monochrome Print Competition
Title of monochrome printMember's name & distinctionsMark
Platform 1 TynemouthGraham Relf9
Rough SeasPaul Myers10
Penarth Pavilion DetailHoward Wilson APAGB10
Blyth BluesArthur Smith DPAGB11
Rydal in NovemberHoward Wilson APAGB10
Tynemouth StationGraham Relf11
A New day at Golden GatePaul Myers11
Glacier around Rock NoirJohn McGuinness CPAGB11
Cutty SarkGraham Relf8

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 Robert Chalmers Trophy: Beginners Monochrome & Colour Prints

Each person may enter 2 prints, monochrome or colour

Title of printMember's name & distinctionsMark
Library BooksSarah Timney12
Engine No 34Sarah Timney12

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 Myles Audas Memorial Trophy: Society/Club PDIs

The Society/Club may enter 6 images from a minimum of 3 workers (max 2 prints per worker).

All images entered into the Myles Audas Memorial Trophy are automatically entered into the general PDI competition.

Society/Club entries
Title of imageMember's name & distinctionsMark
Tern in flight [nature]Larry Bedigan12
Blyth Blues 2Arthur Smith DPAGB12
Cutty SarkGraham Relf9
Old Man of StorrJohn McGuinness CPAGB13
Red eyed tree frog 1 [nature]Larry Bedigan12
Paddy's Hole, eveningJohn McGuinness CPAGB10
Individual entries

(Maximum of 3 images from any one author including any entries to the Club/Society entry)

Title of imageMember's name & distinctionsMark
Grainger Market NewcastleArthur Smith DPAGB10
SmileGraham Relf12
The end of the fjordStan Bewick AFIAP, APSA, APAGB9
Junk mailHoward Wilson APAGB11
AssyntRobin Sinton ARPS9
Staple Hill FarmArthur Smith DPAGB9
Across UllswaterHoward Wilson APAGB9
Crane structures CologneDorothy Wilson9
ClavichordGraham Relf11
Fox cubs playing [nature]Keith Hildreth DPAGB10
Cable holdersStan Bewick AFIAP, APSA, APAGB7
Golden GatePaul Myers11
InfinityRobin Sinton ARPS12
Illuminated BrusselsHoward Wilson APAGB11
Monkwood 1Robin Sinton ARPS9
First light [nature]Thomas Heaton9
ArcadeDorothy Wilson11
Puffin with sandeelsPaul Myers12
Red eyed tree frog 2 [nature]Larry Bedigan15
Norwegian valleyStan Bewick AFIAP, APSA, APAGB7
Seating arrangementHarry Nagel11
Fox cubs watching [nature]Keith Hildreth DPAGB10
Little egretJohn McGuinness CPAGB12

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