2021-2022 season

PDI = Projected Digital Image, which must be a JPEG file at most 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

The images shown along with these results are small versions of the originals and may not do them full justice. They are intended simply as reminders of the winning photos.

 Trophy winners

Agar TrophyMargaret WarrenSeasonal Advanced Projected Images
Brooks TrophyIan WoodSeasonal Preliminary Projected Images
Brittain TrophyJohn McGuinnessAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best set of 3
Stephenson TrophyJohn McGuinnessAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best image
President's TrophyGraham RelfPresident's Trophy (Juxtaposition)

 President's Trophy

10th March 2022
Judge: Keith Snell LRPS, EFIAP, PPSA of Keswick Photographic Society

Theme: Juxtaposition

DahliaIan Wood
Light in the DarknessPhyllis Benoist
Scots PinesPeter Stevens
EmpowermentDorothy Wilson
KeyboardsGraham Relf1st
Past TimesArthur Smith2nd
Feather and StonesJulie Hedley
PearlsHoward Wilson
EntwinedHenry TennantHC
Worlds ApartMargaret Warren3rd
The Past and the PresentDavid Baldwin
Open HouseBrett Culpin
Father & son shading under treesJohn McGuinnessHC
Pointing to the ground seeing skyPhyllis Benoist
The Weak and the StrongHoward Wilson
Living and DyingJulie HedleyHC
Pithead WheelsDorothy Wilson
He's bigger than meHenry Tennant
ArmageddonArthur SmithHC
Street FurnitureBrett Culpin
Twilight zonePeter Stevens
Hanging outIan Wood
InequalityMargaret Warren
ProgressGraham Relf
Lest we Forget "The Unsung Covid Heroes"David Baldwin
My homelandsJohn McGuinness

1st: Keyboards
Graham Relf

2nd: Past Times
Arthur Smith

3rd: Inequality
Margaret Warren

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal PDI competitions

We show the scores for each round making up the totals.

 Preliminary section
Ian Wood11 + 17 + 6 = 341st
Brett Culpin12 + 3 + 8 = 232nd
Julie Hedley5 + 8 + 5 = 183rd
Phyllis Benoist0 + 0 + 12 = 12
Jane Flowers3 + 0 + 3 = 6
George Benoist0 + 0 + 5 = 5
David Baldwin3 + 0 = 3
 Advanced section
Margaret Warren10 + 3 + 15 = 281st
Alan Forster3 + 17 + 5 = 252nd
John McGuinness12 + 5 + 3 = 203rd
Keith Hildreth5 + 5 + 7 = 17
Chris Parker7 + 3 + 5 = 15
Arthur Smith6 + 5 + 3 = 14
Peter Stevens3 + 5 + 5 = 13
Dorothy Wilson3 + 6 + 3 = 12
Mike Blythe3 + 3 + 6 = 12
Graham Relf3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Henry Tennant3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Howard Wilson3 + 3 + 3 = 9

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 3rd seasonal projected image competition

10th March 2022
Judge: Keith Snell LRPS, EFIAP, PPSA of Keswick Photographic Society

 Preliminary section
The BriefingJane Flowers1
Fisherman in StormBrett Culpin2nd6
Ships in HarbourGeorge Benoist1
High Tide at TynemouthJulie Hedley1
Four billboards outside Banff CanadaIan Wood1
Who You Looking AtPhyllis BenoistHC3
Parked up in UllswaterJulie Hedley1
Reflections of AutumnJane Flowers1
Raising the CoverBrett Culpin1
Just ChillingPhyllis Benoist1
Woody WoodpeckerJulie HedleyHC3
Island in the LakeIan Wood1
Falklands, True Red White and BlueGeorge Benoist1
The FamilyPhyllis Benoist1st8
Dawn Light At Whitley BayBrett Culpin1
DriftwoodGeorge BenoistHC3
Signs of SpringJane Flowers1
Vietnam War MemorialIan Wood3rd4

1st: The Family
Phyllis Benoist

2nd: Fisherman in Storm
Brett Culpin

3rd: Vietnam War Memorial
Ian Wood

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 Advanced section
Waiting for the busKeith Hildreth1
It's A Dog's LifeAlan Forster1
Evening GlowPeter StevensHC3
Queen BeeDorothy Wilson1
Before the HurricaneHenry Tennant1
Wild Waves at AmbleMargaret Warren1st8
Urban ReflectionDorothy Wilson1
Five Minutes on the TyneMike Blythe1
African Elephant prepares to chargeJohn McGuinness1
Derwent TreeArthur Smith1
Should have gone to ...Chris Parker1
Out With the OldHoward Wilson1
Isaac Newton of LuxembourgGraham Relf1
Great Crested Grebe & YoungKeith HildrethHC3
Misty sunrise at BlythHenry Tennant1
ReflectionsMike Blythe3rd4
Pilgrim's Way LindisfarneMargaret Warren1
Ouseburn GateGraham Relf1
Sunset at South Beach Coastguard lookout StationJohn McGuinness1
Safe HavenPeter Stevens1
Staple Hill FarmArthur Smith1
Chatham DockyardHoward Wilson1
Come Up Smelling Of RosesAlan Forster1
Rainbow BridgeChris ParkerHC3
Massie mother and childJohn McGuinness1
Red Fox in SnowKeith HildrethHC3
Wave worn rocksHenry Tennant1
Ice BoundMargaret Warren2nd6
Snow in the LakesPeter Stevens1
StaithesMike Blythe1
Whitley Bay SeascapeHoward Wilson1
Yellow BikeGraham Relf1
The ArtistDorothy Wilson1
SundayChris Parker1
Central Building GatesheadArthur Smith1
Split PersonalityAlan ForsterHC3

1st: Wild Waves at Amble
Margaret Warren

2nd: Ice Bound
Margaret Warren

3rd: Reflections
Mike Blythe

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 2nd seasonal projected image competition

3rd February 2022
Judge: Kevin Hilton of Hexham & District PS

 Preliminary section
Cafe LifeBrett Culpin1
FunfairIan WoodHC3
Frosty SunriseJulie HedleyHC3
Cullercoats Still LifeBrett Culpin1
In a dazeJulie Hedley3rd4
TorontoIan Wood1st8
Misty MorningJulie Hedley1
Woolaton Hall Still LifeBrett Culpin1
Winter treesIan Wood2nd6

1st: Toronto
Ian Wood

2nd: Winter trees
Ian Wood

3rd: In a daze
Julie Hedley

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 Advanced section
FetchMargaret Warren1
Red FoxKeith HildrethHC3
Dressed for SteampunkHoward Wilson1
Grey Seal PupChris Parker1
Wain Wath FallsArthur SmithHC3
Studying the PlanDorothy Wilson1
Broken pipeJohn McGuinnessHC3
Kitchen Garden LeftoverHenry Tennant1
Suburban SunriseGraham Relf1
Blue Damsel Flies MatingMargaret Warren1
Don't Even Ask!Alan ForsterHC3
North Bailey DurhamHoward Wilson1
YahooChris Parker1
Blaze of ColourPeter Stevens1
LightningMike Blythe1
Weather ApproachingDorothy Wilson3rd4
Little Owl (no2)Keith Hildreth1
Rum on the RocksPeter Stevens1
MoiAlan Forster1st8
Wounded KneeGraham Relf1
African Secretary BirdJohn McGuinness1
The CuillinsMike Blythe1
Marram Grass At BlythHenry Tennant1
St Mary's LighthouseArthur Smith1
Patiently WaitingHoward Wilson1
Charlie's Garden in Collywell BayJohn McGuinness1
Imagery of Lunar SurfaceDorothy Wilson1
FountainGraham Relf1
Moonrise 4-50pmHenry Tennant1
Two of a kindMargaret Warren1
Rocks and WaterArthur Smith1
SimplicityAlan Forster2nd6
Sheep in SnowPeter StevensHC3
Red Grouse CallingKeith Hildreth1
Merced River and Half Dome - 2Mike Blythe1
QuaysideChris Parker1

1st: Moi
Alan Forster

2nd: Simplicity
Alan Forster

3rd: Weather approaching
Dorothy Wilson

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 Annual projected image competition

18th November 2021
Judge: Gerry Adcock ARPS of Hexham Photographic Society

PhotographerTitle of setTitle of imagePosition
Ian WoodSongbirds Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee 
Chattanooga 1
Chattanooga 2
Chattanooga 3
Margaret WarrenThe Holy Island of Lindisfarne 
The Pilgrims' Way
Time and Tide ......
The Cradle of Christianity
Mike BlytheLake District 3rd set
Duke of Portland Boathouse
Ashness Bridge
Dull Grey Day
Jane FlowersRaymill Island Weir in Flood 
Pink Paddles
Two-Tone Paddles
Black Paddles
Arthur SmithWainWath Falls 
WainWath Falls 1
WainWath Falls 2
WainWath Falls 3
Henry TennantWoodhorn 
Woodhorn - keep out
Woodhorn visit
Woodhorn – remember
John McGuinnessFaces of Africa 1st set
Cattle herder
Boy becoming a man1st image
Masai Woman
Dorothy WilsonAge Shall Not Weary Them 
Red Wheel
Yellow Wheel
Age Shall Not Weary Them
Graham RelfMessing About in Boats 
Messing About 1
Messing About 2
Messing About 3
Keith HildrethBritish Wildlife 2nd set
Red Squirrel
Little Owl
Red Fox
Howard WilsonBeamish Portraits HC set
Taking Stock
Steampunk Lady
Steampunk Gentleman
Julie HedleyLooking for Blyth Wind Farm 
It's through the gate
Onto the beach
Into the sea
Alan ForsterGoing, Going, Gone HC set
Going 1
Going 2
Chris ParkerYoyogi Park 
Outdoor Practise
Bubble Chasing
There's Always One

 1st seasonal projected image competition

4th November 2020
Judge: Bill Broadley of Blyth PS

 Preliminary section
CatnapDavid Baldwin1
On ReflectionIan Wood2nd6
OrcaJane Flowers1
Looking through the tree holeJulie Hedley1
LibertyIan Wood3rd4
Clouds over St MarysDavid Baldwin1
I'm Watching You Watching MeBrett Culpin1st8
StrandedJane Flowers1
Northumberland DuskBrett CulpinHC3
Urban DecayDavid Baldwin1
Dreaming of HomeIan Wood1
Green PathJulie Hedley1
The Rose WindowJane Flowers1
Winter Sky at Tynemouth Golf CourseBrett Culpin1
Sunset GateJulie HedleyHC3

1st: I'm Watching You Watching Me
Brett Culpin

2nd: On Reflection
Ian Wood

3rd: Liberty
Ian Wood

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 Advanced section
Is this Supposed to be FunHoward Wilson1
One Bourbon, One Scotch and One EarAlan Forster1
Little OwlKeith Hildreth1
You can't see the wood for the TREEGraham Relf1
Ghostly figurePeter Stevens1
GallopersDorothy Wilson1
The Cost of CoalArthur Smith1
Druze community leaderMargaret Warren2nd6
Surf SchoolChris ParkerHC3
Paper ShadowsHenry Tennant1
Reflections from the BalconyHenry Tennant1
Blyth pierJohn McGuinnessHC3
Last RaysMike Blythe1
DojoAlan Forster1
Red SquirrelKeith HildrethHC3
Ashness BridgeArthur Smith3rd4
Bumble Bee on Willow CatkinMargaret WarrenHC3
Round WindowDorothy Wilson1
Kingfisher 1John McGuinness1
Not Sure About ThisHoward Wilson1
Floating islandPeter Stevens1
Dome from HomeGraham Relf1
Pilgrim's Way - LindisfarneMargaret Warren1
Autumn WoodscapeChris Parker1
In the Railway YardHenry Tennant1
Roker PierMike Blythe1
Lonely SmileAlan Forster1
BravoGraham Relf1
Thompsons Gazelle and YoungKeith Hildreth1
SelfiePeter Stevens1
Dismal Afternoon DerwentwaterDorothy Wilson1
Mirror MirrorArthur Smith1
Sunrise at St MarysJohn McGuinness1st8
Waiting for SomeoneHoward Wilson1
Decisive MomentumChris ParkerHC3
Misty ReflectionsMike Blythe1

1st: Sunrise at St Marys
John McGuinness

2nd: Druze community leader
Margaret Warren

3rd: Ashness Bridge
Arthur Smith

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 PDI results from previous seasons

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