2022-2023 season

PDI = Projected Digital Image, which must be a JPEG file at most 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

The images shown along with these results are small versions of the originals and may not do them full justice. They are intended simply as reminders of the winning photos.

 Trophy winners

Agar TrophyLinda McGregor & Ray McIverSeasonal Advanced Projected Images
Brooks TrophyBrett CulpinSeasonal Preliminary Projected Images
Brittain TrophyRay McIverAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best set of 3
Stephenson TrophyGraham RelfAnnual Projected Image Competition
Best image
President's TrophyMaria MazaPresident's Trophy (Monochrome & square)

 President's Trophy

9th March 2023
Judge: David Ord of Ryton and District CC

Theme: Monochrome & square

The Lost TyreJulie Hedley
By DesignArthur Smith2nd
Beamish MinerMargaret Warren
Snow FingersPeter Stevens
Burnham LighthouseHoward Wilson
Lloyds Building - detailHenry Tennant
St CuthbertDorothy Wilson
MetroGraham Relf
Stokksnes IcelandJohn McGuinness
The Old Signal BoxGeorge Benoist
TulipsIan Wood
Aldabra Giant TortoiseDavid Baldwin
FountainPhyllis Benoist
How did we get roped into thisBrett Culpin
The Atrium at 8.23Ray McIver
DaydreamingMaria Maza
Under the pierTina Ormerod
Ni-Juu-IchiChris Parker3rd
A dip in the seaLinda McGregor
WaitingPeter StevensHC
SageIan WoodHC
Viewing the bridges through the bridgeJulie Hedley
IrisGraham Relf
Copt HillArthur Smith
Towards the LightDavid Baldwin
MorningTina Ormerod
AmaryllisDorothy Wilson
Ice Cream GirlMargaret Warren
City DwellersChris ParkerHC
Seaton Delaval HallLinda McGregor
Tower Bridge InteriorHenry TennantHC
What's the pointMaria Maza1st
Coal ShovelHoward Wilson
Red SquirrelJohn McGuinness
ApplePhyllis Benoist
One more photo of the President, SirBrett Culpin
Skyscrapers and ShadowsGeorge Benoist
Glimpse of Glen RoyRay McIver

 Cumulative scores from seasonal PDI competitions

We show the scores for each round making up the totals.

 Preliminary section
Brett Culpin10 + 10 + 10 = 301st
George Benoist5 + 8 + 3 = 162nd=
Ian Wood8 + 5 + 3 = 162nd=
Julie Hedley10 + 3 + 3 = 162nd=
Maria Maza0 + 8 + 6 = 14
Phyllis Benoist3 + 3 + 8 = 14
Ally Meadows3 + 5 + 3 = 11
Tina Ormerod3 + 5 + 3 = 11
Trish McIver5 + 3 + 3 = 11
Andrew Beevers3 + 0 + 0 = 3
Jimmy Stringer3 + 0 + 0 = 3
 Advanced section
Linda McGregor3 + 10 + 10 = 231st=
Ray McIver8 + 12 + 3 = 231st=
John McGuinness0 + 10 + 12 = 223rd
Margaret Warren12 + 3 + 3 = 18
Chris Parker8 + 3 + 3 = 14
Peter Stevens3 + 5 + 6 = 14
Arthur Smith5 + 3 + 5 = 13
Graham Relf5 + 5 + 3 = 13
Alan Forster3 + 5 + 3 = 11
Dorothy Wilson3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Henry Tennant3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Howard Wilson3 + 3 + 3 = 9

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 3rd seasonal projected image competition

9th March 2023
Judge: David Ord of Ryton and District CC

 Preliminary section
Sunrise in the mistJulie Hedley1
There must be more excitement somewhere elseMaria Maza3rd4
A visit to the museumPhyllis Benoist2nd6
We've Gotta Get Out of this PlaceBrett Culpin1st8
Collywell Bay SeascapeTrish McIver1
No SmokingIan Wood1
Is Spring ComingAlly Meadows1
Beautiful TreeTina Ormerod1
The tide's coming inJulie Hedley1
Burger GirlGeorge Benoist1
Winter in the ParkBrett Culpin1
Oriental PoppyTina Ormerod1
Man and BuoyTrish McIver1
CrucifixionPhyllis Benoist1
You take the photo, babyMaria Maza1
Inquisitive BearIan Wood1
Rough SeasAlly Meadows1
Golden PalmGeorge Benoist1
Read the Sign HumanBrett Culpin1
Make Them LaughPhyllis Benoist1
RepurposedTina Ormerod1
Tyne ValleyTrish McIver1
Spring StormAlly Meadows1
Tower BridgeGeorge Benoist1
Happy new freezing yearMaria Maza1
VortexIan Wood1
The Fishing NetsJulie Hedley1

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 Advanced section
High Tide At St Mary'sJohn McGuinnessHC3
Corn Exchange LeedsHoward Wilson1
In A Certain LightAlan Forster1
Skye Dawn DelightRay McIver1
Lady of the ManorLinda McGregor1
Admiring the ViewPeter Stevens3rd4
FramedArthur Smith1
LindisfarneDorothy Wilson1
Autumn FrostHenry Tennant1
Sheep Judge Alwinton ShowMargaret Warren1
VerbenaGraham Relf1
Apollo PavilionChris Parker1
Glint of Winter LightRay McIver1
Light and ShadowLinda McGregorHC3
Burnham on SeaHoward Wilson1
Northern SpireChris Parker1
In the WorkshopAlan Forster1
Iceland GlowPeter Stevens1
Edinburgh Fringe Panto DameMargaret Warren1
Blyth HarbourHenry Tennant1
Souter FiveArthur Smith1
Night and DayGraham Relf1
Alone in the CloudsJohn McGuinness1
Literature in the LakesDorothy Wilson1
London EyeChris Parker1
Greylag Geese GlidingRay McIver1
ReflectionHoward Wilson1
Meat Dog CakesAlan Forster1
VorticesGraham Relf1
Seascape IonaMargaret Warren1
Sage After sunsetHenry Tennant1
The SnookDorothy Wilson1
Nature's EmbraceLinda McGregor2nd6
Groyne remains BlythArthur SmithHC3
Lovely morning light at St Mary'sJohn McGuinness1st8
Snow and RockPeter Stevens1

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 2nd seasonal projected image competition

2nd February 2023
Judge: Erica Oram CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE3* of Sheffield PS

 Preliminary section
Full Moon Party BoyTina OrmerodHC3
Rocky Mountain RoadJulie Hedley1
Autumn ColoursAlly Meadows1
Art in the ForestIan Wood1
The ArchesGeorge Benoist1
Apocalypse NowBrett Culpin1
Memorial to a CountessPhyllis Benoist1
Fairy ThreadsAlly MeadowsHC3
Shields Ferry to GNR finishMaria MazaHC3
The BoathouseGeorge Benoist2nd6
Festive SunriseJulie Hedley1
Abstract RhododendronTrish McIver1
Bird of ParadiseIan WoodHC3
MosesPhyllis Benoist1
Hunting Bird at DunrobinBrett Culpin1st8
FunghiTina Ormerod1
Colywell CanvasTrish McIver1
Rastro de MadridMaria Maza1
Wood GrowthAlly Meadows1
The ShireGeorge Benoist1
ChilliesIan Wood1
Talking to the cloudsJulie Hedley1
Sleeping BeautiesPhyllis Benoist1
Texture, Colour, WaterBrett Culpin1
Woodland WanderTrish McIver1
At the HoppingsMaria Maza3rd4
Squid boat at sunsetTina Ormerod1

1st: Hunting Bird at Dunrobin
Brett Culpin

2nd: The Boathouse
George Benoist

3rd: At the Hoppings
Maria Maza

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 Advanced section
Somewhere over St Mary'sChris Parker1
Architectural ShapesPeter Stevens1
Beach WalkDorothy Wilson1
A Frosty MorningHenry Tennant1
A Place to ChillMargaret Warren1
Castle in the SkyArthur Smith1
JanetAlan ForsterHC3
Frosty morning on the Roman WallJohn McGuinnessHC3
CuriosityLinda McGregorHC3
BallroomGraham Relf1
Eagle Lectern at UshawRay McIverHC3
A Walk on the Prom - DecemberHoward Wilson1
Limpet ShellsHenry Tennant1
Join Alice Through the Looking GlassAlan Forster1
Beamish Miner (2)Margaret Warren1
Sunrise Swimming at CullercoatsJohn McGuinnessHC3
Missing FriendsRay McIver1
Newbiggin CoupleLinda McGregor1
Burnham LighthouseDorothy Wilson1
Rock and Sea ImpressionPeter Stevens1
The escape keyGraham Relf1
December TulipsArthur Smith1
Tay Road BridgeHoward Wilson1
The Reaper's GlanceAlan Forster1
BTS Sky TrainChris Parker1
Revealed at low tideMargaret Warren1
Three TulipsLinda McGregor2nd6
On My WayHenry Tennant1
Sunset Over Charlie's GardenJohn McGuinness3rd4
Mendips in WinterDorothy Wilson1
Tangled WoodPeter StevensHC3
Great shedGraham RelfHC3
To the FallenHoward Wilson1
Horse and CastleRay McIver1st8
Say CheeseChris Parker1
Twilight DunstanburghArthur Smith1

1st: Horse and Castle
Ray McIver

2nd: Three Tulips
Linda McGregor

3rd: Sunset Over Charlie's Garden
John McGuinness

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 Annual projected image competition

17th November 2022
Judge: David Stout, EPSA, EFIAP, DPAGB of Whickham PC

PhotographerTitle of setTitle of imagePosition
Graham RelfKeyboards 
SmileBest image
The escape key
Margaret WarrenBikers 
Good Crack
The Younger Generation
Linda McGregorCoffee Break HC set
Coffee Break 1
Coffee Break 2
Coffee Break 3
Henry TennantCorrie Beach, Isle of Arran HC set
Corrie Beach 1
Corrie Beach 2
Corrie Beach 3
Alan ForsterAbstracts – the power of imagination 
Magnetic Storm
Intergalactic gas
Sun Spots
Dorothy WilsonUshaw College Craftsmanship 
Ushaw Chapel Roof Detail (a)
Ushaw Crucifix
Ushaw Chapel Roof Detail (b)
Tina OrmerodNatural Forms in Green HC set
Fronds in green
Fans in green
Shadows in green
Julie HedleyFairground Attraction-Flying High 
Walk on by
In a spin
Howard WilsonV & A Dundee 
V & A Dundee Exterior (a)
V & A Dundee Outside In
V & A Dundee (b)
Brett CulpinNepalese Monastery Children 
Nepalese Child in Monastery 1
Nepalese Children in Monastery
Nepalese Child in Monastery 2
Trish McIverAutumn at Cragside 
Tumbleton Lake
Forest Colours
Autumn Sky
Ian WoodTulips HC set
Tulips 1
Tulips 2
Tulips 3
Jimmy StringerFrom Newcastle to Tynemouth 
Eye eye
Under the Bridge
Just Sitting
George BenoistLake Garda, Italy 
Feeding the Lake
Gone for Lunch
Castle by the Lake
Keith HildrethJust Red 
Red Squirrel
Red Fox
Red Deer
Chris ParkerBlistering Barnacles 
Peter StevensFruit and Veg 3rd set
Fruit and Veg 1
Fruit and Veg 2
Fruit and Veg 3
Andrew BeeversRailway Gala Days 2nd set
Autumn at Bewdley 1
Statfold Shed
Autumn at Bewdley 2
Ray McIverBreaking Waves and Waters 1st set
Sweeping Steely Blue
Bubbling Bronze Eruption
Wandering Emerald Green

1st set (Brittain Trophy): Breaking Waves and Waters
Ray McIver

2nd set: Railway Gala Days
Andrew Beevers

3rd set: Fruit and Veg
Peter Stevens

Best image (Stephenson Trophy): Smile
Graham Relf

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 1st seasonal projected image competition

3rd November 2022
Judge: Chris Graham of Ashington CC

 Preliminary section
Junior SteampunkTrish McIver1
A sense of spaceTina Ormerod1
Cullercoats BayJulie Hedley1
Easter At The AbbeyPhyllis Benoist1
Cycling Along Newcastle QuaysideJimmy Stringer1
Autumn GoldAndrew Beevers1
Atlantic LightAlly Meadows1
Farmyard TrooperBrett CulpinHC3
AlligatorsIan Wood3rd4
Knobbly TreeJimmy Stringer1
In The Shadow of EmpireGeorge Benoist1
Natural ArtTina Ormerod1
SunsetIan WoodHC3
Harbour LightTrish McIverHC3
ElsaPhyllis Benoist1
Blue Mountains in MijasJulie Hedley1st8
Safe ReturnAlly Meadows1
Orkney SunsetBrett Culpin1
Studley RoyalAndrew Beevers1
PartnersPhyllis Benoist1
It Will Be Over By ChristmasGeorge BenoistHC3
Clouds Over Chemical BeachTrish McIver1
Sea AnemoneIan Wood1
North Atlantic SpringAlly Meadows1
The Blue FenceJulie Hedley1
Lost in the WoodsJimmy Stringer1
Thorp PerrowAndrew Beevers1
Seashore GiftBrett Culpin2nd6
The LeapTina Ormerod1
When A Stranger CallsGeorge Benoist1

1st: Blue Mountains in Mijas
Julie Hedley

2nd: Seashore Gift
Brett Culpin

3rd: Alligators
Ian Wood

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 Advanced section
Shag in breading plumageMargaret Warren1
New Pylea LeafHenry Tennant1
Attic RoomPeter Stevens1
Mousa Island OrkneyDorothy Wilson1
Crossing the LochRay McIver2nd6
Lanner FalconLinda McGregor1
Woman in a Shop DoorwayAlan Forster1
Beach St AndrewsHoward Wilson1
City DwellersChris ParkerHC3
White ChairsArthur Smith1
V&A Dundee Outside InHoward Wilson1
Canoe ClubLinda McGregor1
Dead in the waterGraham Relf1
Hopping HeronRay McIver1
Clouds rolling inPeter Stevens1
Red Campion with Seed PodChris Parker1
Hadrian's Wall CountryMargaret WarrenHC3
Shadow of the UnexpectedDorothy Wilson1
Canal ImpressionArthur Smith1
Anchor on the BeachHenry Tennant1
The Bored ManAlan Forster1
Waiting for resultsHoward Wilson1
Arch Exposure – Warts and AllRay McIver1
Stormy NightChris Parker3rd4
Bluebell WalkDorothy Wilson1
RelaxationGraham Relf1
Hay BalesArthur SmithHC3
On yer bikePeter Stevens1
Beamish minerMargaret Warren1st8
MastsHenry Tennant1
Colourful BouquetLinda McGregor1
The Tattooed ManAlan Forster1
IrisGraham RelfHC3

1st: Beamish miner
Margaret Warren

2nd: Crossing the Loch
Ray McIver

3rd: Stormy Night
Chris Parker

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