Rules for Society Competitions & Award of Trophies

Amended May 2022: Projected images can now be up to 1600 x 1200 pixels (section 1.7)

Amended July 2021:

Amended May 2019: There is no longer a limit on file size for digital images (section 1.7)

Amended August 2018:

Amended September 2017:

 1. General conditions of entry

1.1 The entrant accepts the rules and conditions governing entry as set out herein.

1.2 Whilst it is understood that the Society, Competition Secretary and Judges will take all reasonable care of members' work, all entries are submitted at the author's risk.

1.3 No competition entry will be accepted unless, on or before the date of entry into the competition (as printed on the SYLLABUS [PDF] ), the entrant has paid his or her annual membership subscription.

1.4 (deleted: entry form no longer required)

1.5 Except for a scanning or printing process, all entries and every part of any entry must be the sole work of the author.

1.6 Any image (either print or PDI) entered into a specific competition will not be eligible for that competition ever again. This also applies to any photograph which is so similar that it could be misconstrued as being the same as a previous entry.

1.7 Digital entries must be submitted in JPEG format with maximum pixel dimensions of 1600 horizontally and 1200 vertically. Each image file should be titled eg, On the Beach.jpg

Entries should be submitted as email attachments to the PDI Competition Secretary. The email must state which competition they are entered for, which section (preliminary or advanced) and the author's name.

1.8 Prints must be unframed and mounted on board not exceeding 3mm in total thickness, with mounts not exceeding 50cm x 40cm.

The title should be clearly shown on the back of each print at the top left hand side, eg. On the Beach

Certificates etc. relating to entries or awards in other competitions or exhibitions should be covered before submission. A note giving the author's name, the print titles, which competition and which section (Preliminary or Advanced) is being entered must be included with the prints submitted to the Print Competition Secretary.

1.9 A PDI file of each print entry must be sent as an email attachment to the Print Competition Secretary. The email should contain the relevant competition and section information.

The PDI file should comply with the rules in place for PDI competitions with the exception of the file title. The author's initials and a hashtag must precede the file title eg, HDW#On the Beach.jpg

Note that the PDI file title is not sent to the competition judge but is used to allow the club to identify prints and is needed to accompany the print in some external competitions.

1.10 The Committee shall, if required, classify any new members as Advanced, according to previous experience. Further, they may, at the beginning of any season and following discussion with the member, class any existing member as an Advanced worker in any or all fields, depending on the member's successes either within or outside of the Society, in the previous season.

1.11 The Committee shall reserve the right to:

1.12 In all seasonal competitions the Judge may at his or her discretion allocate first, second, third and highly commended awards in each section.

1.13 Marks for awards will be allocated to entrants as follows.

1.14 Unless specified to the contrary by the member at the time of entry, it is understood that entries accepted for Society competitions are available for use by, and on behalf of the Society for the purpose of display and entering Federation, Alliance or other competitions.
Notwithstanding the above, digital files, with the permission of the member, will be retained until the end of the season following entry.

1.15 Trophies will be awarded to winners of each competition and section and may be held from the date of presentation until one month before the date announced for re-presentation the following year. Winners will also be eligible for a certificate.

1.16 A monochrome print will be considered as one which consists of shades of one colour.

1.17 Coloured or multitoned prints shall be accepted in colour print competitions.

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 2. Seasonal Competitions

2.1 The number of seasonal competitions and the qualifying conditions thereof (including the number of permitted entries) will be determined annually by the Committee.

2.2 There will be Preliminary and Advanced sections for each competition.

2.3 Members shall receive credit for each entry in a competition and the winner will be the member obtaining the highest aggregate mark (except that any member gaining first place in all rounds of a section shall be declared the winner).

2.4 For these competitions, at the beginning of each season, each member must nominate the section (Preliminary or Advanced) under which they wish to enter and may nominate a different section for each of the three competition sections (Projected Image, Mono Print and Colour Print).

2.5 Any member not classified as an Advanced worker may compete in a Preliminary section.

2.6 A member will be considered to be an advanced worker in a particular field if he or she is classified as an Advanced worker at the discretion of the committee.

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 3. Annual Projected Image Competition

3.1 There will be one section only.

3.2 The entry shall be a set of three images. These images must be complementary to each other in some way.

3.3 The author must submit, in addition to the three separate files, another JPEG file which shows the three images in the order in which they will be individually projected.

3.4 The Judge, may at his or her discretion award first, second, third and highly commended sets, together with the best individual image.

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 4. Annual Print Exhibition

4.1 There will be Preliminary and Advanced sections in the monochrome and colour fields to which, in addition to the general conditions of entry, Rules 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6 will apply.

4.2 There will be a separate non-conventional section in which freedom of expression will be encouraged. None of the previous general rules will apply.

4.3 Members may submit any number of prints and any prints submitted in other competitions during the season will be eligible.

4.4 Entries gaining an award shall be entitled to be so indicated by a suitable label attached to the back of the mount.

4.5 The Judge will allocate first, second and third awards plus, at his or her discretion, a number of highly commended awards. The Judge will also allocate the best print, best portrait, best nature and best landscape in the exhibition.

4.6 The number of prints exhibited may be limited according to the space available.

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 5. President's Trophy

The subject and rules for this competition will be determined annually by the President of the Society. The President may not enter this competition.

 6. Fox Talbot "150" Trophy

6.1 This trophy will be awarded at the discretion of the committee, taking into account improvements in standard of the members work, performance in competitions and any other photographic awards or achievements.

6.2 The Selection sub-committee shall each year make recommendation as to the winning member for endorsement by the full committee.

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 7. Award of Trophies

The Society's trophies will be awarded as follows.

7.1 Seasonal Competitions

7.2 Annual Competitions

7.3 President's Trophy

7.4 Fox Talbot "150" Trophy

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