Diana Hilton

I started with photography in the late nineties when my grandfather gave me his film camera but soon progressed to digital. I've still got a 1MP compact lying around somewhere.

Over the years, even when I progressed onto a DSLR in the mid 2000s, I was just wandering about taking pictures without really thinking about it. A lot of shots taken during stolen moments whilst in the company of impatient others. Most of my solo skill development came through taking sneaky candid portraits of my mother after sincerely promising that I wouldn't.

After moving from Annitsford to Cullercoats in November, and come April finding myself in need of distraction I decided to join a camera club. I didn't really have a plan other than to think about my photography more and find some social interaction around the subject.

So on the 6th April this year I wandered into Camera House in Tynemouth after a lovely email from Howard.

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it was fabulous to be among like minded folks. Within a few weeks I was standing in front of them all presenting some of my favourite images and realising how few I really had.

This didn't matter though, my photography bug had been reawakened.

The images on this gallery have all been produced since, a significant number of them taken during group gatherings with TPS members this summer.

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