The Digital & Practical Group normally meets in the club rooms on the last Tuesday evening of a month at 7:30 pm during the season (September to March but not December). Dates for the 2021 - 22 season are given in the SYLLABUS [PDF] . All members and visitors are welcome.

The group was formed in 2001 with the objective of keeping members informed and providing some instruction on the rapid advances in digital photography now taking place.

More members are now using Affinity Photo rather than Photoshop, so sessions tend to focus on the use of Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo for Windows, Mac or iPad. Tutorials

Group organiser: Graham Relf (gr at grelf dot net)

 Plans for September - November 2021

The club rooms are now safely back in use, so our first session was held on September 28th at 7:30pm. We started looking at the most common workflow to go from a file in your camera or phone to a finished printable or displayable photo. This was illustrated using Affinity Photo. Everyone there was encouraged to try every step either on their own laptop or on one of a few provided for those who could not bring them (or who do not yet have Affinity Photo). Example images were provided, downloadable from Dropbox or copied from USB sticks on the night. (This is how we were doing it before lockdown.)

There is a printed booklet describing the process, free to members.

In subsequent meetings we will go on to look in more detail at the use of layers, selections and masks for improving images.

 A problem and fix found in the first meeting

Two members found that not all of the tools down the left side of the Affinity screen were visible on their laptops. In particular they could not see the Perspective correction tool. It seemed to be off the bottom of the screen, inaccessible. This was probably due to the display resolution settings of their PCs.

We found a solution. On the View menu select "Customise Tools..." and there is an option to increase to 2 the number of columns in the tool box.

 Some topics we have covered in previous meetings.

There many ways of doing useful things with multiple exposures, even of the same scene. Graham Relf gave a presentation on the subject in October 2020 which may be seen here as an MP4 video.

See also our Hints & tips page