The group meeting on 22nd May 2017

The Afternoon Group was a new venture for the club in 2016. It seems that afternoons suit some people better than evening meetings and we aim to cover different interests.

Meetings are held fortnightly on Monday afternoons at 2pm, at the usual venue. For the date and theme of the next meeting see the events page. There is also a list of forthcoming dates and themes lower down the present page.

The aims of the group are

The group is open to all existing members of the Society at no extra cost, but we hope to attract new non-members who may choose to pay by the session or to join and pay the normal yearly membership subscription. The cost per session for non-members is £2.50, with tea/coffee and cake charged at an extra 50p. The charge for refreshments applies to existing members, as is normal at all of our meetings.

At each meeting we have a theme and the resulting photos are shown and discussed. These photos are usually projected digital images (PDIs) but may take the form of prints or even audio-visual sequences (AVs).

Other activities are driven by the interests of the group but can include some basic help in enhancing images. There will be opportunities for group outings. See the Events page.

The group has made an AV (Audio-Visual show) following the tidal part of the Tyne from Wylam to the sea.

Dates and themes for the 2019-20 season

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Hand-colouring prints (1/4/19)

An interesting afternoon was had by all present who rose to the challenge of hand colouring, under the instruction & critical eye of their tutor, Arthur Picasso Smith. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience & went home happy with their new masterpieces ready to hang on the wall.

Afternoon group members hand-colouring prints

Do What You Can

Since the Society's move to Howard Street we have started a new feature which several members participate in: