The Urban Group is a new group which aims to cater for both stills and film/video members.

The group meets in the the clubrooms in Howard Street on the third Wednesday of the month.

Preliminary dates for group meetings (subject to COVID restrictions) are:

The group meetings are structured around a monthly assignment to produce a limited number of projected digital images (PDIs) or a short film on themes of architecture, urban/city landscapes and people within the urban environment. The group discusses ideas and technical issues relating to the assignment and the results of the assignment are shared at the following meeting. Each member discusses their approach to the assignment and shares what they learned. The idea is to support each other along the way, share knowledge and experience, improve our expertise, and build a personal portfolio of work. But most of all, the aim is to enjoy the assignments and have some fun.

Alan Forster has volunteered to get the group off started, but the intention is for the group to become self-supporting with every member playing a full role in drawing up and reviewing assignments.