JUNE 2016


Hello to you all and I do hope that you are all looking forward to a glorious summer. It has not been bad so far, so fingers crossed that we get some warm days and splendid sunsets.
As I write, I am in the grips of a thoroughly unpleasant "double-dip" virus. Day thirteen and half a stone lighter, I am re-visiting the doctor this evening in the hope that he can ease my throat and I can at least swallow something nutritious.
Apparently, "there is a lot of it about" whatever that means... I sincerely hope you steer clear and avoid the bugs.

Our Exhibition evening and weekend seemed to go well although there is never enough foot fall to keep us happy, but the comments were positive. Do try to catch the photos again during their travels around the area.

The President's topic for the coming year is "Textures". Quite broad and open to various interpretations, I feel. No doubt our creative element will have a field day but here are a few of mine to get you thinking. Good luck and get snapping.

(Text'ure friend)

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As we write this, the annual exhibition has just closed. Over the two days of the weekend it attracted a total of 26 visitors and that was WITH our new advertising board on the pavement. Because of the wind on the Saturday, it had to be placed parallel to the building - the wrong angle to see it properly. On the Sunday there was no wind so the sign was properly placed but this made no difference to the attendance.
The World War 1 Exhibition in the little shop next door may have been a distraction but the trend is certainly downwards over the last few years.
Answers on a postcard please!

Just as last year, we are concerned at our falling numbers. If there is anything you can suggest, our ears are open.

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 Committee for 2016 - 17

President:Sarah Timney
Vice President:Howard Wilson
Treasurer:Margaret Warren
Secretary:Jennifer Cowley
Syllabus Secretary:Howard Wilson
Syllabus Committee:Stan Bewick, Ted Baldry, President
Print Competitions Secretary:Paul Myers
Projected Image Competitions Secretary:John McGuinness
External Competitions Secretary:Howard Wilson
House Managers:Howard Wilson, Larry Bedigan, Paul Myers
Selection Committee:Stan Bewick, Howard Wilson, Arthur Smith, Ted Baldry, Larry Bedigan, John McGuinness
Projection Team:Howard Wilson, Arthur Smith, Larry Bedigan, John McGuinness
Raffles:Stan Bewick
Webmaster:Graham Relf
Members' Nights Organiser:Paul Myers
Catering Manager:Margaret Warren, Jennifer Cowley
Film Pack Editors:Stan Bewick, Jennifer Cowley, Howard Wilson, Sarah Timney
Nature Group Organiser:Keith Hildreth
Digital/Practical Group Organiser:Larry Bedigan
Video Group Organiser:John Burton
Art Group Organisers:Terry Drew, Brenda Wilson
Record Group Organisers:Stan Bewick, Ted Baldry

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 Tynemouth Video Film-making Group

In case the heading above is a bit of a surprise, perhaps we had better explain. There has, for some time now, been confusion with two words i.e. "VIDEO" and "FILMS". Some relate to video as being a plastic VHS or similar box which has magnetic tape inside, reproduces pictures and sound, and is frequently hired in to watch. Whilst we too enjoy watching, our stock is usually personally produced and well edited into practically all styles of interesting and entertaining viewing, by mainly amateurs who now have access to high quality high definition equipment.

These days "FILM" (originally thin, clear, photosensitive emulsion coated, flexible, cellulose strip material) has practically disappeared, yet it has retained its previous inference as a moving picture and sound base. In the sense that by linking video and film together we hope that everyone will become well aware that our group members are a long way past using clockwork cameras and scissors.

Finally we felt that it was also overdue that we broadcast to all (particularly potential new members) that our main aim is still making and helping others to make quality films which can be enjoyed by family, friends, and fellow Group members either at home or with our quality high definition large screen projection.

We hope that all will now remember and use "TYNEMOUTH VIDEO FILM-MAKING GROUP" whenever they can find an opportunity to mention us.

P.S. In 'Summer News' there is information about a visit to Seaton Delaval Hall on the morning of Thursday 16th June to which we will all be welcomed.
Looking forward to seeing you complete with cameras.


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 Art Group

We don't have much in the way of news right now, simply that the Art Group still meets on Wednesdays from 4.00-9.00pm. Sessions are well attended and some members are learning new skills by attending external courses run by a local professional artist, Clare Money. The quality and range of art being produced by group members improves and our standards are high.

We are working on our summer competition "A Tynemouth Scene" which will be judged by the public visiting our summer exhibition on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

We have a good stock of materials and equipment should any new members wish to join who do not yet have their own.

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 Nature Group

An outing to the Farnes will take place sometime in mid June, dependent on weather. It will be a weekday. Anyone interested please telephone Keith even though your name may be on the list, which is in the clubrooms. Cost is £35 for the full day plus £8 per island if you are not a National Trust member. All welcome. Some people we know are going afternoon only. Cost, not sure for that.

Bempton Cliffs in July or August is another good day out. Again, phone Keith - 2665835

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 Summer News / Events

[There are more events listed on this site's events page.]

2nd June 7.30 pm Meet in Clubrooms to see the NCPF Awards and Alliance Portfolio

6th June - 20th A selection of the Exhibition Prints go to The Oxford Centre, Longbenton

16th June Seaton Delaval Hall. 11.00 - 5.00 Meet there for an informal meeting. Lunch at about 12.00ish then wander the site for pictures and a chat.

20th June - 4th July The Exhibition prints move to The Swan Centre Killingworth

30th June 7.00pm Meet at Seaton Sluice for Happy Snappies.

14th July Seaham / Seaham Harbour. Meet at 2.00pm at the Harbour for a visit to the Lifeboat Museum and short talk and then a wander. Jennifer says the journey is 30 mins from N Shields. If you are interested in the Seaham visit, please tell Jennifer so that she can let the lifeboat museum folk know.

 Non-TPS events

2nd - 5th June Georgian Fair at Beamish Museum

2nd - 8th June Appleby Horse Fair

9th June Photography Evening at Durham Cathedral 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. (admission £10)

17 - 25 June The Hoppings, Newcastle Town Moor

19th June Armed Forces Day at South Shields (Parade along sea front 9.30 a.m.)

25th June Armed Forces Day at Hexham

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 Presentation Evening

This was a very good evening with lots of visitors from other clubs. Cllr Gary Bell opened the Exhibition and presented the trophies. Several visitors were complimentary about the standard of prints and the buffet. Certainly the room was buzzing. A big thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.

The trophies were awarded as below.

 Seasonal competitions
Seasonal Advanced Projected ImagesAgar TrophyArthur Smith
Seasonal Club Projected ImagesBrooks TrophyGraham Relf
Seasonal Advanced Monochrome PrintsSilver Jubilee TrophyRobin Sinton
Seasonal Club Monochrome PrintsFurlong TrophyGraham Relf
Seasonal Advanced Colour PrintsDr. Knox TrophyJohn McGuinness
Seasonal Club Colour PrintsTaylor TrophyGraham Relf
 Annual competitions
Annual Projected Image CompetitionBrittain TrophyPaul Myers
Best Individual Image in Annual PI CompetitionStephenson TrophyPaul Myers for 'Gannets'
President's Trophy (Adverse Camber)President's TrophyGraham Relf for 'Literally'
 Annual exhibition
Best Club Monochrome PrintDavison TrophySarah TimneyLibrary Books
Best Club Colour PrintSmith TrophyGraham RelfLiterally
Best Advanced Monochrome PrintSilver Rose BowlRobin SintonSwine Den, Cullernose Point
Best Advanced Colour PrintLisle TrophyJohn McGuinnessThe Central
Best Non Conventional EntryGordon Turnbull TrophyGraham RelfTynemouth Priory in 3D, Method 2
Best PortraitPortrait TrophyJohn McGuinnessMe and my Dog
Best Natural History EntryDunkin / Carruthers TrophyJohn McGuinnessRed Deer Hind
Best LandscapeWilson VaseJohn McGuinnessBlack Rock Cottage
Best Print In ExhibitionSilver ShieldJohn McGuinnessThe Central

FINALLY The Fox Talbot Trophy, for the Photographer of the Year.

This year it goes to a member who collected 6 trophies. He is a photographer who is very creative, calculating and mathematical. A good photographer and one who can create most convincing but impossible images on the computer. Sometimes he is just too clever for the judges. Apart from that he is also an astrophotographer extraordinaire. Graham Relf

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Exhibition Judge, Alan Fowler, with Best Print in Exhibition

Graham receiving the Fox Talbot Trophy

John Receiving the Wilson Vase

General view


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 NCPF International

Entries are due by 21st August. If you are interested, here is the link:

Entry is now open. Any questions, Stan or Howard will be happy to help.
There are various categories and TPS members have enjoyed various successes in the past.

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 Web site

As you are aware, Graham Relf has started a new web site for the society and has already put in a lot of work on this. We are not yet sure when this will go live, but here is a link to see the current contents: Graham is regularly updating the contents so please support him by regularly checking the site.

One page is devoted to events and it was through this page that Stan visited the old car rally at Wallington.

Austin 7 (1929)

Old Buick [not the man - Ed]


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Speaking of Graham, here is an article he has written for us:-

 Photographing the Night Sky - 1

Summer is not the best season for astrophotography. Not only does it get dark very late, made worse by daylight saving time, but at our latitude it never gets truly dark. There are three stages of twilight, defined by how far the Sun is below the horizon: civil twilight ends when the Sun reaches 6 degrees below; nautical twilight ends at 12 degrees; astronomical twilight at 18 degrees. Here on Tyneside the Sun never gets as low as 18 degrees below the horizon between mid-May and the end of July, so for all of this period it is never astronomically dark.

You can find the times of each stage of twilight on a web site called The Photographer's Ephemeris ( ). By setting your location this site also gives you, among other things, the direction of the Sun and Moon at any time, which is useful for general daylight photography too.

There are still heavenly things to be photographed at this time of year though: objects which are bright enough not to need total darkness.

Just over 400 years ago Galileo noted several things which are revealed by the slightest optical aid. He had an extremely crude telescope but he was able to see mountains and craters on the Moon, four moons orbiting Jupiter, and the huge number of stars forming the Milky Way. Today we can see these things by using binoculars or a telephoto lens on a camera.

The Moon is best seen near first or last quarter because then the Sun is casting long shadows of the mountains and crater rims. First quarter is most convenient because the Moon is then visible in the evening (last quarter is for early risers). This summer, first quarter occurs on June 12, July 11 and August 10.

The Moon is bright enough for automatic focussing to work. Exposure times are short enough for the camera to be on a fixed tripod even with a 300mm or 400mm lens. Set the camera to about 1/1000s at f/5.6 and ISO400. Initial results may seem disappointing because the Moon's apparent diameter is only half a degree. The field of view of a 300mm lens on a full-frame DSLR is about 7 degrees, so the Moon is far from filling the frame (though it is better on an APS-C camera of course). However, with today's cameras of more than 10 megapixels, you can enlarge to 100% in your image editing software to see the detail.

The Moon is also bright enough to photograph in daylight. The image is dominated by the sky colour: pale blue and lacking contrast but if you delete the blue channel and then convert to monochrome the detail will jump out. Enhance it further by using tone curves.

(a) Moon taken in daylight; (b) minus blue, converted to monochrome, tone curved; (c) detail

This month (June 2016) Jupiter is visible as the brightest star-like object in the sky looking south as it gets dark. On the 11th it is very close to the Moon. Binoculars or a telephoto lens will show you 4 star-like dots in a line distributed about the planet. They may be either side, sometimes more on one side, sometimes one or two are missing as they go behind or in front of the planet. With a 200mm f/2.8 lens try 1 second at ISO800 on a fixed tripod. Experiment with settings around those values.

Those 4 "Galilean" moons change position noticeably in a matter of hours and their motion can be fascinating to watch, like a miniature solar system. You can identify each of them at any given date and time here:

Jupiter and its moons through a 200mm f/2.8 lens (planet overexposed of course)

In August we could talk about photographing the Perseid meteors and the Milky Way.

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 That is it for this month

Please consider writing a short article for the July or August editions.

July Edition will be sent out around 1st July. Anything for that edition please let us have it by 20th June.

Your editors are:- Jennifer Cowley, Stan Bewick, Howard Wilson

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