JULY 2016


Hello to you all.

If those three days of sunshine in the middle of June were summer, then I hope you made the most of them?

Our trip to Seaton Delaval Hall was perhaps not made on the best possible of days, weather wise, but it was a most enjoyable visit.

The Hall is a great house set in its own estate with lovely gardens. The Laburnum Arch was fabulous. The West Wing had a fine collection of things to view and it was good to see it nearly all restored to its former glory.

The Hall occupies the site of a Norman settlement, and its original Norman chapel remains in use today, although it was only partially open because of reconstruction work. Stan was able to help their restoration fund-raising by offering one of our Record Group archive photographs. They are putting together a history board to go on tour with and our photograph will be added to those they already have - ours dates from pre 1900.

Built between 1719 and 1730 for Admiral George Delaval, the Hall is not only one of the finest house in the north east of England, but also among the finest works of its architect, Sir John Vanbrugh, one of the masters of English Baroque.

For 900 years, the estate has been a stage for drama, intrigue and romance while the surrounding landscape has fuelled industrial revolution and the house has survived terrible troubles. Great fires, military occupation and potential financial ruin, but it is now fully refurbished and provides an amazing space for arts, heritage and the local community to come together.

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Now, we all know that when a suspicious email arrives, allegedly from a friend, with only a blue http link attached, it is not what it claims to be! We are advised to quickly delete it before it literally worms its way into our list of contacts and everything else on our hard drive. Not quite so easy to get rid of the random, computerized telephone messages left on our answering machines advising us of our eligibility for Government's new boiler scheme (which no one I know is able to get!) or reclaim miss-sold PPI. However, here is a cautionary tale that you may not be familiar with...

... I got a new mobile phone. The package was upgraded to "Family Friendly" (there's an irony there btw) so that my other half could also get a new iPhone at a reduced rate on the same contract. Sounds ideal.

I would save us £20 a month and I could keep my number, but John had to have a new one! Not a problem - with retirement not that far away he wanted to cull his work contact list anyway and this seemed a good opportunity.

Less than two hours after receiving his new phone - still in its box - there appeared a strange and ominous text message from a company called Impulse Pay offering film downloads at a very competitive price. Now we don't do that kind of thing on our phones. They are for making calls and sending texts. Occasionally we might take a photo or play Two Dots on the Metro. We don't download films! So John pressed "delete" without opening the message up.

£81 later on our first bill, we find that by not opening the unsolicited message we actually had agreed to pay £9 a month to this firm. It comes on our monthly statement and there are no contact details anywhere to unsubscribe! Vodaphone were very helpful at suggesting ways to block such numbers and to put a payment ban on the number but they were less than helpful in admitting that they played a part by releasing his number to these rogues!

The battle continues to track down a contact for Impulse Pay, who appear to be like pay-pal and simply collect money on behalf of a third party. We have managed to find out that the source is someone called Socman Ltd. though they have failed to respond to any attempts to contact them. Neither has the "good will" gesture that Shahzad at the phone company offered happened - "there is no record of the agreement made by this consultant" - so now we wait and see what the Smalls Claim Court thinks.

So my friends, be careful, be very careful. Watch out for this new fraud scam and for all the mobile telephone companies now releasing your number into the criminal ether.

On a happier note, by the time you read this I should be a Granny! This baby has been quite reluctant to appear, but must be cooked by now and we have got it on good assurance that it will make its entrance sometime very soon.

Take care and stay safe,


(Since the above was written, Sarah has become a 'Granny', Beth having given birth to a daughter, Eadlin, who weighed in at just over 10lb on Saturday 18th June. Congratulations to all. Ed)

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1) Brexit. The referendum is now over. There were pros and cons on both sides of the argument but the country has decided. What happens next??

2) Hodge-it (or Bodge it). Last Monday night saw our second exit from 'Euro' and the captain must Roo the way that he and the team performed (or not).

3) Wimble-it. Howay Andy Murray!

Ted Baldry. We have just heard today (28th) that Ted is very ill and is in The Freeman Hospital.

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 Summer News / Events

(30th June 7.00pm Meet at Seaton Sluice for Happy Snappies.)

13th July. Art Group Meeting

14th July. Seaham / Seaham Harbour. Meet at 2.00pm at the Harbour for a visit to the Lifeboat Museum and short talk and then a wander. Jennifer says the journey is 30 mins from N Shields. If you are interested in the Seaham visit, please tell Jennifer so that she can let the lifeboat museum folk know how many will be going.

28th July 7.00pm Meet at Blyth Harbour for a wander.

 Non T.P.S. events

3/4th July Wallsend Festival

3rd July. Closing date for N Tyneside Photography competition
Hexham Carnival

10th July Woodhorn Museum Vintage Car Rally

14 - 17th July. Festival of the Fifties at Beamish Museum

16th July. Cullercoats Harbour Day
Raft Race on the Tyne, at Newburn

17th July Whitley Bay Bus Rally

30, 31st July. Pirates Attack at Tynemouth Priory and Castle.

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 Delaval Hall on Thursday, 16th June

See 'Presidential' above. Additional picture below taken by Graham Relf.

 Nature Group Farne Islands Visit 14th June

There were 6 members for the trip, 4 full day and 2 half day. John McGuinness, Larry, John Burton and myself did the full day and Stan and Trevor Ermel a half day. Weather was a bit cloudy at first then in the afternoon it became bright and sunny. We left Seahouses Harbour at 9.40 and arrived back at 4.20, with lengthy stops on both Staple Island and Inner Farne. A large colony of seals were basking on the rocks and there were still thousands of birds to photograph. No doubt some of the images taken on the day will end up in next season's competitions.

A successful day all round.

Keith Hildreth

(See below under 'Group News' also. Trevor Ermel supplied the following three pictures. Ed)



Watch the birdie!

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 Group news

 Tynemouth Video Film-making Group

(Note change of name. Ed)

On behalf of the members who made the trip to the FARNE ISLANDS on the 21st June (including Trevor & myself also from Video) a word of thanks to Keith who not only made the arrangements for the trip, but cleverly managed to pick good weather to complete an excellent day out, full of opportunity for birds and seals photography & film on the islands.

I mention again that all groups of the Society are welcome on any of the outings which are listed always in advance within the monthly Summer Film-Packs.

There are always photographs of the visits included in film-packs & Yes the chap with the bird on his head is me! It was there so long that I thought it was contemplating building a nest!!

Perhaps see you in July at the next trip.

Keep shooting.

John 0191 2533536

 Art Group

Four members of our group have donated paintings to the Open Art with an Open Heart event to help Emma Nelson raise funds to help Syrian children in crisis.

Michael Dennison

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 People and places

Howard and Dorothy spent a few days near Oxford. Here are two pictures.

Stratford upon Avon

Balliol College Dining Hall

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Jennifer and Alan have recently been to Yorkshire and Majorca. Two pictures also, one from each place.

Lost legs

Still waiting for the tram

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Arthur has been to Beamish.

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 Annual Exhibition

A section of this has now been moved to The Swan Centre, Killingworth and will come down on 4th July. Thanks to Arthur for helping Howard to move it.

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 NCPF Annual Competition results

You have already been given our scores but the complete results have only recently been made available. Here are extras from last time.

Colour Prints:- John McGuinness's "Tawny Owl with Prey" is an Alliance Entry.

Beginners Prints:- Sarah's "Library Books" was selected for the Portfolio.

In the PDIs:- Larry's "Red Eyed Tree Frog 2" is Highly Commended and his "Tern in Flight" and "Red Eyed Tree Frog 1" are Alliance nature entries. John McGuinness's "Old Man of Stoor" is also an Alliance entry.

Congratulations to those members and thank you for letting us use your pictures.

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 NCPF International Salon

Entry is now open for this event and it would be good to see some members supporting it. There is a 20% discount on the entry fee for NCPF members. Both mono and colour prints - mounted or unmounted - as well as PDI sections are included and there several categories and numerous awards.

Please see the appendix to Film Pack for further details and the Salon website for full details.

Entries are due by 21st August. If you are interested, here is the link:

Entry is now open. Any questions, Stan or Howard will be happy to help.

There are various categories and TPS members have enjoyed various successes in the past.

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 Web site

As we have said previously, Graham Relf has started building a new website for the Society. We are not yet sure when this will go live, but here is a link to see the current contents:

It would be useful if we all got used to looking at it to check on things and see what is going on, as Graham is regularly updating the contents.

 Next Edition

August Edition will be sent out around 1st August, hopefully with the new syllabus. Anything for that edition PLEASE let us have it by 18th July.

Your editors are:- Jennifer Cowley, Stan Bewick Howard Wilson

(The latter, ably assisted and advised on this occasion, by Rebekah Scrimger)


NCPF Salon poster

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