Film Pack is issued three times annually, at the start of June, July and August. It aims to keep members informed during the summer months while there is a break in the regular meetings.

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JULY 2017
Triple Three Edition

 President's Piece

Last month I mentioned that, as photographers we notice things that other people may not. This came home to me on our recent holiday in Switzerland when a member of our party asked if I would be keeping all the photos I took. I explained that I was a camera club member and what I hoped to do with some of them. He said "OK, cos I was just saying to the wife 'What's he taking end of logs for?'"

We really did have a lovely holiday with very warm and generally clear weather.

Below are two photos from our holiday - one taken at Grindelwald station and the other taken on the route of the Glacier Express.

Grindelwald Station

Route of Glacier Express

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Back home, the reality of the horrors of recent weeks has been seen in journalistic photographs with extremely powerful images, stirring all sorts of emotions and thoughts.

As I have said before, photographs hold strong memories and capture time. Last Thursday night Dorothy and I were at the Discovery Museum for the official opening of their "All the Fun of the Fair, 135 years of the Hoppings" Exhibition, which is on until 1st October. We had been invited as I was a contributor. My 'Come to The Fair' AV sequence - initially made in the late 70s - is being shown on a loop with another film. Four individual photographs from it are also displayed, one right in the entrance to the exhibition. I feel honoured to have my work displayed like this and am so pleased that rather than ditch the slide sequence I took the trouble to convert it to digital.

Do go along and have a play on the penny slot machines and revive those memories.

Dorothy and Lynda (now 43) having fun!

On until 1st October

Wherever you may be this summer, I hope you have plenty of photo opportunities.

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  1. The country has been to the polls. What happens next?
  2. We have recently been basking in the warmest U.K. weather in a long time. This has almost forced us to take things a little bit slower. Taking things slowly is something we, as photographers, should be doing in any case by looking at the subject, looking around the viewfinder and then eventfully pressing the shutter.
  3. We were sorry to hear that Doug Tweddle had resigned from the Video and Film-making section. Below (under Video Film -making Group) is a piece by John Burton.

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 Summer News incl. Non TPS Events

July 1stCullercoats Harbour Day
July 3rd (Mon)Afternoon Outing to Sunderland Quayside. Meet at 2p.m. at the Sunderland Glass Works.
July 12thCommittee meeting 7.00pm
July 15th (Sat)10am: All day outing to Howick / Craster / Embleton area
Meet at the parking area beside a farm called Sea Houses. Instructions for locating it are as follows.
Follow the road that runs from Howick Hall towards Craster. About half a mile from Howick Hall,
the road takes a right-angled turn left. On this corner, there are parking places in the lane
leading down to Sea Houses Farm. The meeting place is at the gateway right on this corner,
from which a path leads down to the coast. For those folk with a satnav, the grid reference
is 258174 and the postcode for the farm cottages is NE66 3LH.
July 16thWhitley Bay Vintage Bus Rally
July 19thArt Group Meeting
July 20thNewcastle/Gateshead Quayside area. Meet at the Sage at 6 p.m.
July 21st - 23rdSunderland Air Show
Aug 2ndArt Group Meeting
Aug 7th (Mon)Afternoon walk down the Ouse Burn. Meet at Biscuit Factory, Stoddart Street, Newcastle.
Sep 1stClosing date for N.C.P.F. International Exhibition

There are lots of other events mentioned on our website

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 Group News

 Nature Group

Outing Report to the Farnes on 3rd June by Keith Hildreth

We left Seahouses at 9.30 a.m. onboard the Glad Tidings IV. A small pod of dolphins greeted us shortly after departure. With 60 people on board it was quite a struggle to get photographs. The weather for the trip was ideal; calm sea, no wind and not too sunny. After quite a while we could see the sea fret coming in and in no time it was difficult to see any distance at all, but eventually it cleared. Landed on Staple Island for two hours then to Inner Farne for 2½ hours. Instead of hats for protection against the terns there seemed to be quite a number of umbrellas on show. One lady got on board our boat by mistake so we had to wait a while for her to be transferred.

It was a good day and along with our recent visit to Washington Wildlife Trust, we hope to be going to Bempton Cliffs, possibly in July, to see the biggest colony of mainland gannets.

Bottle Nosed Dolphins

Bridled Guillemot

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 2nd June

There appeared to be only 3 of us there last Thursday ..."Me"..."Myself"...&..."I" as they say, and we all took a snap through the car window from the Fish Quay East car park with my little compact. The weather was warm and fine. Conversation intelligent and not too stress-full!!

I went along the quay side road to the Ferry and back and finally left at about 7.15 p.m. Better luck next time?

John Burton

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 Art Group

There has been a lot of activity in the Group in recent times:-

Two members attended an Impressionism painting workshop held by Tony Montague at the Coquetdale Art Centre in Rothbury. Two members also have work on display there for sale. The Group is happy to support this unique Centre, run by volunteers.

Three Art Group members had work on display at the Exchange in North Shields to launch the newly formed Whitley Bay hub of the Network Artists North East. The launch event was very well attended and included 11 Art Group members.

One member has paintings on display at the Newbiggin Maritime Centre.

Many Group members will be donating their work to this year's Open Art Event (launch evening at the Exchange, North Shields on July 6th). Funds raised for Save the Children will go towards helping children in the Yemen).

Two Group members were asked, last year, to help renovate (with paint) a unique 200-year-old coin operated church tower. The work, challenging yet rewarding, took many months to complete. The result can be seen at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. The model building has pride of place in a current exhibition called 'All the Fun of the Fair' which is on until October and featured in a recent TV programme.

We are all looking forward to our summer exhibition on the August Bank Holiday Weekend. Once again, we have permission from the Northumbria World War 1 Commemoration Project to use their room on the ground floor.

Michael Dennison

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 Video Film-making Group

Re Doug and Betty Tweddle.

At the Group AGM, Doug Tweddle announced his retirement / resignation after many, many years. In the main this was due to the poor health of his wife, Betty, who had also been a staunch member for many years.

Doug has been in film-making for around 60 years and eventually joined Tynemouth after Blyth Photographic Society's Cine section closed. Already a quality film-maker he became an almost ever-present member, a prolific competitor in our film competitions and then becoming an important part of our show reels exchanged with other clubs etc. His helpful advice and assistance to existing and any new members, regarding equipment and use, has also always been extremely valuable. After having been Chairman several times before, Doug became our 'continuing' Chairman for the last 6 years as well as projectionist.

The announcement of his retirement, whilst fully understood and half expected, still came as a most unwelcome shock. In addition, we have always much appreciated Betty's support of both Doug and the Film-making Group and of course we know that her welfare is paramount.

Friends and members at TPS send them our thanks and very best wishes for the future, plus hopes for improving health. Whenever Doug is available to visit the Society there will always be a very warm welcome.

John B. On behalf of Tynemouth Video Film-Making Group and TPS.

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 My First Year with TPS by David Pratt

When I moved from Newcastle down to Leeds for work in 2003 photography was not even an interest or hobby of mine. It wasn't until 2008 that I "found" photography.

I was a member of the Leeds Photographic Society for most of the 2009 season and the first half of the 2010 season. Unfortunately my job then changed slightly which meant I was spending more time working away from home during the week - which meant regularly attending a camera club was impossible. My interest in photography remained however.

Roll forward to 2014 and I found myself in a job where I was no longer geographically tied to Leeds. So I bought a house back in the north east in order to be able to indulge my passion for seascapes. And then I spent the next 18+ months investing all my spare time and money into renovating it. All told I did not pick up my camera for about 2.5 years. When I finally moved into my renovated house in the north east in August 2016 I was more than ready to fire the shutter again.

I started looking for new locations I hadn't shot before and going back to places I had visited previously. But I wanted more. I wanted to be part of a group again - to share my images and experiences with other enthusiasts and to be inspired by them too. Not just a digital on-line group - but a group where you can see and appreciate prints as well as projected images, get honest feedback on your work, talk about equipment / locations and shooting tips face to face and even out in the field side by side. So I started looking for a local camera club to join.

I first attended Tynemouth Photographic Society on 3rd November 2016. It was the 1st Seasonal Project Image competition judged by Lionel Bryan. I really enjoyed the evening and felt welcomed. It was clear that the club had experience and passion along with being a friendly crowd too. So it was an easy decision to join TPS and I happily paid my annual subscription fee. I've been able to get along to a Digital / Practical evening and also attended a couple of Nature Group meetings as well when work has allowed.

The wealth of experience and knowledge in TPS is vast. Not just photographically but generally too. A great resource to be able to tap into and contribute to as a club member.

I think I only missed two Thursday night meetings since my first meeting. One was because of very bad traffic when I was trying to get to an interclub print competition in Gateshead, and the other was when I had a prior commitment that happened to be on Thursday. Thursday night is very much "camera club night".

I have really enjoyed being an active member of TPS in my first year. Like most things in life you get out what you put in. So I've participated in competitions, shown my work at club meetings and been active in expressing my views and opinions when invited. One of the many joys of photography is that it's art - so there's no right and wrong - just different ways of seeing the world. Being able to get a glimpse from others about how they see the world - even briefly - is a privilege. I've made new friends, discovered new places to take pictures and seen plenty of great work displayed. Since the season ended for the summer I've been out with other club members twice on nature group outings. These were particularly enjoyable. In my view there's no better way to get to know other photographers than to get out and take some shots together - and then be able to see what images they've come back with from the same places. So I can't wait for the Nature Group meetings next season where we'll be able to share some of those group outing shots.

After a busy season an opportunity presented itself for me to join the committee and I was asked if I would become Print Competition Secretary - which I was honoured to be able to take up. In less than a full season I feel I've become a part of Tynemouth Photographic Society. I look forward to continuing to enjoy the club and doing what I can to make it enjoyable and successful for all involved.

David Pratt

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 N.C.P.F. International

This year there will be no section for prints. However, there will still be four sections for PDI images, for Open Colour, for Open Monochrome, for Nature and for Photo Travel. For full details refer to the website:-

 BBC Countryfile Competition

This year the theme is 'Call of the Wild' and the closing date is 21st July. Entries may be submitted either by post or online. Full details at

 Web site

This continues to grow under Graham Relf's careful tending. It would be good to see more members' galleries. Do please let Graham have some pictures, plus a portrait and a little about yourself.

Try to get into the habit of looking at the web site on a regular basis.

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 Wild flowers

Sarah has recently sent these two pictures. Some of the road verges around here are lovely this year. Probably well dashed by the recent rains now.

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 Next Edition

The August edition will go out around August 1st. with the 2017-18 Syllabus. Please let us have articles by 19th July.

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