The Video Film-making Group meets in the club rooms on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm. More details can be found in the current SYLLABUS [PDF] .

The group has its own web site at where some of their videos may be viewed.

Successes at BIAFF

The 2018 British International Amateur Film Festival saw successes for two members of this group. David Peffer & Trevor Ermel jointly got a 4-star award for their 1-minute comedy "The Critic". Trevor also got a 3-star award for his 9-minute documentary "Bell Ringers of North Shields"

2017 NECA winners!

TYNEMOUTH VIDEO FILM-MAKING GROUP were the proud winners of a 20 minute programme competition with films produced by their members. The certificate was presented to the Group's chairman Doug Tweddle by Brian Dunkley, President of The North East Cine (&Video) Association which holds this competition annually.

Each club provides a minimum of 2 films in their programme to give a maximum running time of 20 minutes. They are carefully considered for quality, content, and overall entertainment value. The films have no subject restriction and were judged by well-known I.A.C., B.I.A.F.F., and U.N.I.C.A. judges Annabelle & Reg. Lancaster in London.

Our entry consisted of 4 films, Trevor Ermel's "Croation Contrasts", "Alfie & The Kaiser" by Doug Tweddle, and secretary John Burton's "Weally?" Film number 4, "Lost In Translation", was a group comedy written by David Peffer, filmed by Trevor, with David & John as the cast.